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Forced Order
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Where do the main characters work
Who is the 'responsible' one
Who is the one with 'the great hair'
Who is the 'other guy'
Who is their boss
Who is her younger, down-syndrome affected brother
Who is the drug dealer and the 'smartest guy we know'
Who is the boss's assistant
Where do the main characters set up a blind date for her
B-rad... is (finish statement)
'She just put the fear of God into my boner'
'Leeeeeroyyyy Jennkkkinnnsssss!!!!!!!!'
'Catheine Zeta Jones... She dips beneath lasers'
Which female political figure does the CEO have a crush on
Whats the name of the theme song
What car do they drive
What does the gang take from a park becuase 'they payed for it'
The HR man makes the gang vent using what childhood toy
Tight _______

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