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Forced Order
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What state is the main character on trial for
What crime is he on trial for
How many bullets were fired into the victims
What is his sentence
What is his name
What actor plays the main character
What is the main character's friend named
Who plays this character
What does the main character first want from his buddy
Who cries on the first night in prison
What's his name in the cast
Who places a bet on him for cigarettes
What's the warden's name
What program does he create
Who really commited the crime
Who speaks of this
How many bullets does the warden have put in him
What is he in prison for
What does the main character help him achieve
What is his average
Playing music on the loud speaker gets the main character how long in 'the hole'
Who leads the rapes on the main character
What are his 'goons' nicknamed
What movie do the convicts watch which stars Rita Hayworth
What animal does Brooks help into adulthood
What is this animal's name
What place does Brooks work
What month was it when the cons got out tarring roofs
Captain Hadley gets money from his deceased brother. How much?
Who helps Hadley with his dilemna
How many beers per person does he ask as a price of helping Captain Hadley
What type of beer is it
Who gives the main character 6 feet of rope the day before his escape
How many yards of poo did the main character crawl through on his escape
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