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Hey, microphone _______, _______ you playing politician
Never wanna end this, me and Mary ___ got a real nice friendship
Take a breath then let it out, hear them clap a little while, ____ _ ____ __ ___
We stay fly, new clothes on, smoking all that drake till im so far gone, I'm _____
wake up in my king sized bed, girls all around me ____ ___ ___
Baby you can wear my hat, just make sure ___ ____ __ ____
Supposed to be in _____, but I ain't goin'.
She looking ___, girls ___ in her Nikes
________ or ____, I'll be there
Come on down, ____ ____, make me spin around
They say I'm so different but it ain't true, still got the same girl, ____ with the same crew
Her mom _____ me, her dad thinks i'm a nitwit
We gunna take over the _____ while these haters get mad
____ for the kush cause boy i know there's plenty there
California dreams, Amsterdam_______
We party ___ _____ ___ _____
Super hero, _______ ____ tied around my waist
Lace em up, lace 'em up, lace 'em up, lace 'em, blue _____ shoes stay crispy like bacon

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