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Can you name the Four Greats of China in each of the following categories?

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The Four Great Chinese...
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before 80 AD - contemporary writings mention a spoon made of lodestone 
9th century - an early use for this invention was to scare away evil spirits 
105 CE - this invention is popularly attributed to Cai Lun, an official in the Han Dynasty imperial court 
7th century - a German goldsmith adapted this invention 700 years later 
The Four Major...
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14th century - adventures of 108 outlaws 
14th century - among numerous film, tv, video game, and other adaptations, the 2008 movie Red Cliff is based on this novel 
16th century - a monk pilgrim and his three supernatural protectors journey to India 
18th century - the title refers to sheltered chambers where daughters of prominent families reside 
The Four...
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722 BCE - time as capital includes the Spring and Autumn Period, Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties, and the Republican Era 
2070 BCE ~ 907 CE - in present-day Henan, this city served as capital at various times between the ancient Xia dynasty and the later Tang dynasty 
229 CE ~ 1949 - served as capital during the Six Dynasties, the early Ming dynasty, and the Republican era 
11th century BCE ~ 907 CE -this famous city was capital of the Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang dynasties 
The Four Great...
(finish the subtitle) 
Spring and Autumn Period - said to be so beautiful that fish would forget how to swim, and sink 
Western Han - said to be so beautiful that birds would fall from the sky 
Three Kingdoms - might be a fictional character, her beauty eclipses the moon 
Tang Dynasty - one of the most infamous concubines in Chinese history, she was said to have a face that puts all flowers to shame 

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