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Forced Order
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Called 'The Master' by the Sanderson Sisters.
The virgin that lights the candle, resurrecting the witches.
Dresses as Madonna at the Salem Halloween party.
Assumed by the Sanderson Sisters to be Medusa due to her curlers.
Originally named Ernie, he's a bully with a 'cool' name.
The love interest of one of the main characters that helps to stop the Sanderson Sisters.
Dresses as Count Dracula at the Salem Halloween party.
An elderly teacher at Jacob Bailey High School that teaches her class about the Sanderson Sisters.
Was lured to the witches' cottage, where her life force was taken.
The leader of the witches with a buck tooth.
A zombie that was poisoned by one of the witches, who then sewed his mouth.
A very brave young girl who dresses as witch for Halloween and helps stop the real witches.
Has a beautiful singing voice that she uses to lure children.
Loves to eat children.
Turned into a cat by the the Sanderson sisters in 1693.

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