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Can you name these things about COD Zombies??

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HintZombies ThingExtra Info
1st Zombies MapVery Basic
2nd Zombies MapAsylum
3rd Zombies MapJapanese Swamp
4th Zombies MapGroup 935 Facility
5th Zombies MapAbandoned Theater
6th Zombies MapPentagon
Optional Zombies MapGame
7th Zombies MapRussian Rocket Test Facility
8th Zombies MapSiberian Facility
9th Zombies MapPower Ups Get Stolen
10th Zombies MapHaving Trouble Breathing?
11th Zombies MapGet On the Bus
---- 1 of 3 Mini Maps Pacl-A-Punch sits in Lava
---- 2 of 3 Mini MapsHas Perks But No Pack-A-Punch
---- 3 of 3 Mini MapsHas Nothing But The Box
12th Zombies MapOnly Map With the M27
13th Zombies MapWhy the Elevators
14th Zombies MapHome to the Heaviest Gun Zombies
15th Zombies MapHey Give My Points Back
16th Zombies MapYou really need the Elements for this Map
17th Zombies MapWe Were Here Before but the Perks Move Now
18th Zombies MapWe're Here to Collect a Key
19th Zombies MapThe Return of an old Enemy now with Shock Charges
20th Zombies MapSpiders can Get Lost
21st Zombies MapLooking Like Game of Thrones Now
22nd Zombies MapFeels Like We've Been to All These Places Before
23rd Zombies MapAncient Rome
24th Zombies MapTitanic
25th Zombies MapThe Return of Victis
26th Zombies MapOld Map With Different Characters
27th Zombies MapWerewolfs and Vampires? What is this.
28th Zombies MapWe're in Ancient Greece now
29th Zombies MapThe Return of Nuketown
30th Zombies MapThe End of Primis and Ultimis
Playable CharacterAmerican Soldier
Playable CharacterJapanese Warrior
Playable CharacterGerman Scientist
Playable CharacterRussian Exile
Playable CharacterPresident
Playable CharacterSecretary of Defence
Playable CharacterAnnoying guy on Five
Playable CharacterCuban Dictator
Playable CharacterBuffy
Playable CharacterYondu from Guardians of the Galaxy
Playable CharactersFreddy Krueger
Playable CharacterSpy Kids Guy
Playable CharacterWeird German Girl
Playable CharacterOnly Female Character in this Storyline
Playable CharacterThe Smart Guy
Playable CharacterOnly one able to hear the announcer
Playable CharacterFormer Broken Arrow Member
Playable Character'Double Points this ain't a **** Game!'
Playable Character'Forgivness ain't in my Vocabulary!'
Playable Character'You Know Whats strange? That's my writing but I sure don't Remember writing it'
Playable Character'Anyone Got Any Idea Why There's ****' Corpses Runnin' Round Alcatraz'
Playable CharactersOnly Female member of this crew
Playable CharacterThe Richtofen in this Crew
Playable CharacterThe muscle of the Crew
Playable CharacterOften the Idiot in this Crew
Playable CharacterPlayed By Keifer Sutherland
Playable CharacterPlayed By Helena Bonham Carter
Playable CharacterPlayed By Brian Blessed
Playable CharacterPlayed By Charles Dance
HintZombies ThingExtra Info
Wonder WeaponsOnly weapon to be on every map
Wonder WeaponsChains Electric Shots
Wonder WeaponsBlows the Zombies Away
Wonder WeaponsFreezes the Zombies
Wonder WeaponsSucks all the Zombies in
Wonder WeaponsExplosive Russian Dolls
Wonder WeaponsSniper Rifle
Wonder WeaponsTurns Zombies into Humans after 3 shots
Wonder WeaponsAttract Zombies until they Explode
Wonder WeaponsMake the Zombies small enough to run over
Wonder WeaponsMakes the zombies inflate until they explode
Wonder WeaponsDoes different things everytime you throw one
Wonder WeaponsBreaks after 10 seconds
Wonder WeaponsA shotgun that has 2 different versions
Wonder WeaponsA zombie slip and slide
Wonder WeaponsSlows zombies down but never runs out of ammo
Wonder WeaponsRay guns older brother
Wonder WeaponsLet's go back to round 24
Wonder WeaponsCan be upgraded to Ulls Arrow
Wonder WeaponsCan be upgraded to Kagutsuchi's Blood
Wonder WeaponsCan be upgraded to Boreas' Fury
Wonder WeaponsCan be upgraded to Kimats Bite
Wonder WeaponsPowerful melee that can be upgraded during the Origins Easter Egg
Wonder WeaponsPowerful melee from Mob of the Dead
Wonder WeaponsCan be used to revive teamates
Wonder WeaponsAn upgraded monkey bomb
Wonder WeaponsShoots Gersch Devices
Wonder WeaponsNew Monkey bombs that explode into a tentacle thing
Wonder WeaponsCan be upgraded into 4 powerful versions
Wonder WeaponsThe 3rd child of the family
Wonder WeaponsHas a baby dragon on the wrist
Wonder WeaponsA monkey bomb for dragons
Wonder WeaponsCan be made into the Redeemer
Wonder WeaponsNeed an egg and lots of souls for this
Wonder WeaponsObtained from gaining 3 parts, one of which comes from the Panzer
Wonder WeaponsA skull that kills zombies
Wonder WeaponsAttracts Spiders
Wonder WeaponsMakes Spore Bags
Wonder WeaponsThrow them at zombies
Wonder WeaponsGood for hitting zombies out the way
Wonder WeaponsCan revive team mates
Wonder WeaponsA shotgun/Sword combo
Wonder WeaponsTakeos Sword
Wonder WeaponsA multiplayer special in zombies
Wonder WeaponsA mob of the dead weapon making it's return
Wonder WeaponsAn upgraded version from Black ops 3
Wonder WeaponsAnother monkey bomb but this time its black ops 4
Wonder WeaponsA scorpion that shoots lightning
Wonder WeaponsAn elemental Pistol
Wonder WeaponsObtained through a small easter egg on Dead of the Night
Wonder WeaponsAnother powerful melee, found on Dead of the Night
Wonder WeaponsWeapon of the Earth Goddess
Wonder WeaponsWeapon of the Underworld God
Wonder WeaponsWeapon of the Daytime Goddess
Wonder WeaponsWeapon of the Sky God
Wonder WeaponsThundergun with Cryo-Rounds
Wonder WeaponsSniper version of an old wonder weapon
PerksIncreases Player Health
PerksIncreases Reload Speed
PerksIncreases Damage Output
PerksRevive yourself or revive team mates faster
PerksSprint faster and for a longer duration of time
PerksInvulnerable from all auto-damage
HintZombies ThingExtra Info
PerksAutomatically aims for the head
PerksCan carry 3 weapons
PerksAllows the player to keep all perks
PerksSend out a burst of electricity to stun zombies
PerksGives ammo or money, also green mist that allows the player to go unnoticed by zombies
PerksPlayer can revive themselves
PerksPlayers send out spider webs which stop zombies after being hit
PerksIncreased ammo stock
PerksCrouching then uncrouching after a small period of time will send the player forward at high speeds knocking down any zombies in the way
PerksCan spawn a wolf that will follow the player and attack zombies
PerksCan see nearby zombies through the walls
PerksInstead of entering last stand the player will be left with 1 HP and will be unable to receive damage for 9 seconds
PerksPlayer can gain health from doing melee damage to enemies
PerksGives the player a random perk
PerksStanding your ground will cause a ring to appear during which, the time spent in the ring will increase the armour of the player inside
PerksIncreases the rate at which weapons cycle through the mystery box
PerksWill allow the players shield when being held to block damage from all directions and when broken the shield will send out a defensive explosion
PerksAllows the player to generate an explosion that freezes or slows enemies when activated
PerksAllows players to make a small orb that slows enemies and increases the damage that these enemies take
EnemyJust the standard
EnemyOn 4 feet, and are generally on fire
EnemyExplode with gas if you shoot them but not if you knife them
EnemyAn Ape
EnemySteals your weapons, returns your weapons and drops a bonfire sale if you kill him
EnemyAnnoying enemies that steal perks from the perk machines
EnemyIf you shoot him he runs after you with his lights, the only way to calm him down is to get him back into the water
EnemySteals your power-ups so they change rapidly
EnemyExplosive and fiery
EnemyMakes the screen go all funny so you can't see properly
EnemySteals your perks if you get caught
EnemyBounce all over the place but if you melee all of them they will give you a free perk
EnemyRuns after you with a baton, also locks things on the map which cost 2000 points to unlock
EnemyArmoured zombie that chases you with a flamethrower and can also pull you closer with the claw
EnemyTrying to defend the summoning key
EnemyAn apothicon with 3 heads
EnemyFlying creatures which look a little bit like bees
EnemyA rolling thing that honestly looks like a meatball
EnemyThe main boss from SoE
EnemyCan stun you slightly if they get too close
EnemyDefend the teleporters on revelations
Enemy8 legs that are quite freaky
EnemyIf you defeat this enemy you will get given widows wine
EnemyArmoured dude from Gorod Krovi
EnemyFinal Boss on Gorod Krovi
EnemyMade completely of bones
EnemyA big zombie covered in plants than can eat downed players
EnemyFlying things from Gorod Krovi
EnemyCan turn into multiple different zombies
EnemyVery fast, only appear on this map after going to the graveyard
EnemyBig Armoured Axe Throwers
EnemyZombified Elephant
EnemySix Armed Giants
EnemyCan latch onto players and deal huge amounts of damage but only appear after the coffin in the graveyard has been opened
EnemyElectrified Crawlers
EnemyCan enhance normal enemies making them faster and stronger
EnemyBig, Hairy and afraid of silver bullets
EnemyZombified Elephant
EnemyA wild animal
EnemyBig Armoured zombies carrying shovels
EnemyThe electric man
Enemy Small Zombies that latch onto your head, you have to knife them so they will let go

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