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Can you name the panelists of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn?

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Known forAnswer
Redfaced/Breaking Bad
Monotone, game show host
The Job
Wearing football jerseys
'The Pitbull of Comedy'
Co-creator of The Daily Show
Slightly resembles a killer whale, duuuuuude!
Vicious Circle
Roastmaster General
Died in 2010 from overdose
Homicide: Life on the Street
Dog Bites Man
Opie & Anthony, AIDS patient
Muslim comic
Naughty nursery rhymes, washed up 90's comic
Daily Show/Report
Crank Yankers, hates everything
Conservative, frequent Howard Stern guest
Known forAnswer
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
In Living Color
Host of the show, failed comedian
Wanda Sykes sidekick
FX Show/Divorced
Awful fingers, big teeth, spits when talks, failed father and comic
Dating Jimmy Kimmel
Angry yelling/Daily Show regular
'Get your mess right.'
OCD/Deal Or No Deal
Rich Vos' wife
15 minutes of fame after 'Last Comic Standing'/Vietnamese
Old man/Dad humor
Identity/Loud-mouthed ponytailed 'magician'
Taxi driver/game show host
WTF? Podcast
Lipstick Lesbian
VH-1’s Standup Spotlight

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