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Hollywood Squares (2003-2004)World's fastest talker
Let's Make A Deal (1966-1977)Often appeared on-screen hauling boxes around or acting as a 'zonk'
Who Do You Trust? (1957-1962)Tonight Show (1962-1992)
Wheel of Fortune (1980-1988)
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? (1991-1995), Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? (1996-1998)The 'Chief'
Deal Or No Deal, 1 vs. 100Former announcer for the Grammys and Emmys
Family Feud (1976-1994)Longest tenured FF announcer
Double Dare, History IQ
ConcentrationHost of It's Academic
Match Game (1973-1980), The Price Is Right (1972-1985)Announced The Jackie Gleason Show
Jeopardy! (1984-Present)
Supermarket Sweep (2000-2003)
Wheel Of Fortune (1975-1980, 1989-2010)Former contestant on The Dating Game
The Price Is Right (1985-2002), Whew! (1980-1981), Press Your Luck (1983-1986)Flashy Outfits
Hollywood Squares (1986-1989, 1998-2002)Former Host of American Top 40
Wheel of Fortune (2011-Present)Auditioned for The Price Is Right
Family Feud (2010-Present)Former boy band member
The New Price Is Right (1994-1995), Family Feud (1999-2010)Announced 'The Arsenio Hall Show'
The Price Is Right (2004-2010)TV meterologist
Legends Of The Hidden Temple (1993-1995), Shop 'til You Drop (1999-2003)Voice of Klaus Heissler and Perry the Platypus
Let's Make A Deal (2009-Present)Whose Line! Cast member
Hollywood Squares (2002-2003)Acted in 'Max Headroom' and 'The Spongebob Squarepants Movie'
The Price Is Right (2011-Present)Hosted Extreme Gong and Weakest Link
The Price Is Right (1956-1963), Jeopardy! (1964-1975)Saturday Night Live announcer
Hollywood Squares (1966-1981)Announced most Heatter/Quigley Shows

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