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'Attack all', Japan-only, TEQ
TEQ +3 ki, +3000 ATK leader
INT +3 ki leader, links: Bombardment & Revival
Strike character, AGL, Shocking Speed link
PHY 'super guy in the galaxy', Z Fighter
INT type with Leader skill: +2 ki for all
Passive: ATK +70% when 3 or more opponents. Youngster
Half of a TEQ nuke combo, prepared for battle
Dokkan fest character that likes candy
Bald, STR, normal rarity, Crane School
STR strike character, SA doesn't even do 'huge' damage
Only 2 links: All in the family + Battlefield Diva
Links: Galactic Visitor, Patrol
Only global TUR that's neither a Super Saiyan or a villain
DB summon, SA has a high chance to 1-hit KO opponent
SR AGL Super Saiyan with Prepared for Battle
TEQ with leader skill: All types ki +2
Undisputed weakest SSR

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