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36th President of the United States
Dallas police officer who finds 7.65 Mauser rifle with Weitzman and Fritz.
Dallas police officer shot on 10th and Patton
35th President of the United States
Married to Michael, friend of Marina Oswald
Shot or nicked under the triple underpass by missed shot
FBI Director in 1963
Strip club owner who shoots Oswald
Ex marine accused of killing JFK
Texas Governer who survives Magic Bullet
CIA operative brought to trial by Jim Garrison
New Orleans DA who brings only trial in JFK assassination.
'Rush To Judgement' author and defacto counsel for Lee Harvey Oswald
Pilot and Civil Air Patrol unit leader assosicated with Lee H Oswald
Tippit witness who only identifies Oswald after recovering from being shot in the head
Dallas police officer who confronts Oswald 90 seconds after assassination
Director of 1991's JFK
Shooter of most famous 8mm film of all time.
Waitress and key commission witness to Tippit shooting
Dallas chief of police in 1963
Ex Chicago FBI director with offices at 544 Camp Street and 531 Lafayette Street
Railroad tower operator with backstage view of the grassy knoll.
Head of commission formed to investigate JFK assassination.
Inventor of the Magic Bullet theory
Ex CIA director and Warren Commission appointee

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