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Can you name the formula one drivers by the amount of points they gained in 2014?

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You don't need a hint for this one384 points
Nor this317 points
...no238 points
hmmm...186 points
Likes donuts, and not the ones with frosting on top167 points
You got this161 points
What are you looking here for?134 points
nope, no hint126 points
Don't make him angry96 points
Maybe you should have watched more races?59 points
Would be to easy55 points
You probably know this one55 points
Is it getting tough?22 points
I got nothing8 points
They had a grandprix in his country8 points
Maybe next time2 points
Hope he'll be alright2 points
Have never finished on the podium, eventhough he has started in more than 120 races0 points
First year in F10 points
Finished 16th last season0 points
This guy drives to the 'max' every time0 points
Started out driving for Toyota0 points
Replaced a driver who also has 0 points, in the last grandprix0 points
Have won Le Mans 3 times0 points

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