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Can you name the significant events of 1952?

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This King passes awayFebruary 6
The winter olympics are held in this cityFebruary 14
This country joins NATOFebruary 18
Re-takes power in CubaMarch 10
This Cecil B. Demille film wins the Academy Award for Best PictureMarch 19
U.S. lieutenant colonels Joseph O. Fletcher and William P. Benedict land a plane hereMay 3
Her diary is first publishedJune 15
The United States wins the most medals in the summer olympics held in this cityJuly 19
This Latin American activist dies at age 33July 26
The treaty of ________ goes into effect, ending the second Sino-Japanese WarAugust 5
Dwight Eisenhower defeats democrat _____ ______ in the 1952 presidential electionNovember 4
The 'Great Smog' falls on this cityDecember 4
This team wins the NFL Championship over the Cleveland BrownsDecember 28
This soap opera leaves radio and premieres on TVJune 30

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