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AZep's record company
BThe Drummer's nickname
CJimmy Page was obsessed with this satanist
DThe country where the four members first played together in front of a live audience as a group
EZep's 2007 reunion concert was in this music industry giant's honor
FThis song off of LZ IV was named for Bohnam's instrumentation
GZep's imposing manager
HTitle cut of this album didn't appear till Zep's next release
IZep's last studio album
JBorn John Baldwin
KPlant's son who tragically died
LShe's just a woman
MZep's name came from this musician's insult
NPlayed in Copenhagen under this pseudonym when threatened by the Zeppelin family
OThe central object on the cover of Presence
PRobert Plant's nickname
QI Can't ________ You, Babe
RThis song makes several Lord of the Rings references
SThe infamous shark incident happened in this city
TPlant sampled LZ songs on this solo hit
UTrampled __________ ___________
V____________, I am coming
WZep's first single released in the UK
XThis satellite company made a Zep-dedicated channel in 2007
YSong 1, Side 2, LZ I on vinyl
ZJimmy Page's rune reads like this word

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