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Forced Order
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How you doin'
We were on a break!
You fell asleeeeeeep!?
What!? He stabbed me first!
What would you do? BEND OVER?!
Has anyone seen my other boob?
Hey, could you make some of that righteous mac n cheese?
Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?
Jack, your dog thought my diagram was a chew toy
There's a deer just outside, eating fruit from the orchard
I'm just a love machine, hmmgh
18 pages, FRONT AND BACK!
I don't want you seeing Rachel anymore
Oh, well thats just my nubbin
No, I why can't the holiday armadillo to leave? I want santa to stay.
Just be yourself, maybe just a little less pimp spit
Well, next time you're in minsk..
You ate my sandwich? MY SANDWICH?!
But Ross was a medical marvel!
Shut up before I easy bake oven your head!
Unagi is a state of total awareness
Ah, salmon skin roll
Oh thats exactly what we want around infants, bird faeces!
Do you prefer it in the battle or the stern?
I suppose Chandler will have the 'Smoked Duck'
If it's a boy, I wanted to call it jimlybimlybob
Lets play, BAMBOOZLE
Bombay is very very nice this time of year
My name is princess consuela banana hammock
Do you want me to get in the tub and thrash?
The cushions are the essence of the chair!
Pizza! We like pizza! Damn it Carl
I want to be the ultimate fighting champion
First name, crap. Second name, bag.
Beef, sautéed with peas and onions
Ok, but I get to hop on after her
I pity a fool who wears my jewellery, I do, I do, I pity a fool...
Rachel Karen Green. You best not be telling me that my grandchild's gonna be a bastard
It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy and it is a big deal!

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