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If I have understood correctly velocity equals the distance travelled divided by timeThis Delicate Thing We've Made
The world is spinning upside down/Spinning round and roundSpin
This strip is mobius, it's neverendingThe Tension and the Spark
Teach me a lesson maybe I deserve to knowThis Delicate Thing We've Made
I wish that I could be 11 again, that ET was my friendSpin
I've tarnished all our memories but there'll always be a trace of you The Tension and the Spark
When moonlight crawls along the street chasing away the summer heatSpin
And if you feel insecure, if in doubt, if unsure, the mirror will surely remind youB-Side (Spin)
One touch, spark, electricity/Flame, burns, hot and viciouslyB-Side (The Tension and the Spark)
I got sleeping pills that will make you wanna to call your mammaThis Delicate Thing We've Made
I no longer live like a man in the darkThe Tension and the Spark
Something so right but it feels so terribly wrongSpin
Never been in danger, never been a hot shot/Never seen failure, never had a bad daysingle only
I was enamored/You were king/I gave my everythingThe Tension and the Spark
And if all the world were perfect I would only ever want to see your scarsTruly Madly Completely
I wanna be the crick in your neck, trip in your step/Face in the crowd that you never forgetB-Side (Spin)
I was rescued by the enemy that dare not speak its nameThis Delicate Thing We've Made
I just sold my soulThe Tension and the Spark
When you look in my eyes theres a part of me thats still afraidB-Side (Spin)
When I'm down on my luck and I'm searching for my soulB-Side (Spin)
Now I know that in the past I've been much too keenSpin
For every time I needed truth and you were faithlessThe Tension and the Spark
The pool is empty unless you’re swimming and trying to keep afloatThis Delicate Thing We've Made
I though I found the one a million timesThe Tension and the Spark
And barely symphonic, but strangley ironic/Moments contained in one glanceB-Side (Spin)
I don't want to see your expression when I let you downThis Delicate Thing We've Made
We censor music then give children gunsSpin
And it's hard to take control when your enemy's old and afraid of youThe Tension and the Spark
Fear of rejection keeps my heart at bay, feelings I'd rather not sayB-Side (Spin)
Do yourself a favor save yourself don't pick me find someone elseThe Tension and the Spark

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