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quote or descriptioncharacter namereal name
i get it, i'm irresistible and intoxicatinganna paquin
i'm no good to you!stephen moyer
i don't appreciate you tryin' to get me killedsam trammell
that's cause we are, on fireryan kwanten
going through some deep ****rutina wesley
i hate when they make everything about race!carrie preston
nursed an armadillo named felixtodd lowe
stackhouse!chris bauer
i have had enough of this horse ****!william sanderson
deputytanya wright
works in police departmentjohn rezig
works in police departmenttess parker
one of the lover boys many ladiesdanielle james
first deathdanielle sapia
second death , waitresslynn collins
crazy bald vampgraham shiels
vampire who loved jerryandrew rothenberg
had sex with billaunjanue ellis
that's what i call closing the dealalexander skarsgard
are you gettin' what she's puttin' down?kristin bauer van straten
staked , stole from fangtasiaraoul trujillo
glamoured one too many timestara buck
old accountant at fangtasiamichael mccafferty
did v, strangled to deathlizzy caplan
you're frying like fritters in a panlois smith
murderermichael raymond james
it's got no head man!jim parrack
crazy mamadale raoul
drunken jesus lovin' mamaadina porter
ain't no mother ****' bridgenelsan ellis
mayor william schallert
do you mind of i pierce your eyelids?zeljko ivanek
well hi there, you must be sookie! oh! bill! i love your shower!deborah ann woll
likes wii golfpatrcik gallagher
little sisterannalise basso
stupid momcheryl white
abusive fatherben lemon
is there no god?michelle forbes
towels?adam leadbeater
i killed all those people!mehcad brooks
deerashley jones
quote or descriptioncharacter namereal name
i like dead bodiesjohn billingsley
dead fangbangerkevin mchale
cut off fingerpatricia bethune
do you buy her flowers?laurel weber
we met a vampire and he could fly!alec gray
move the blood!evan rachel wood
how's my cousin sookie?lindsay haun
praise his lightmichael mcmillian
if you need anything, we'll just be down the hall, past the two double doors!anna camp
i have a message from reverend steve newlin!wes brown
your family was just killed by vampires!greg collins
claustrophobicchristopher gartin
so, how goes your human vampire relationship?valerie cruz
texas lieutenanted quinn
look at us, we are scaryallan hyde
you got a demon inside youaisha hinds
bring me his fangs, or i will have yoursjessica tuck
bellboychris coy
grans brothercheyenne wilbur
shut the ****' door!joe mangianello
how many bullets you gonna take before you realize feelin' alive ain't enough anymore?dawn olivieri
vampire burrito, for me?!brit morgan
fantastic!dennis o'hare
deep down, my dear, you are a vey weak character.theo alexander
right here in jackson, mississippi!grant bowler
make it back in time for let's make a dealandy mackenzie
wolf driver
wolf shot by russellbryan becker
tell me everything you knowjames frain
college? you really don't know me at all do you?marshall allman
he may be blood, but he ain't family, never will be.j. smith cameron
he has got to learn responsibility!cooper huckabee
i am a rape survivorlauren bowles
there's no forever for us, there's only nowlindsay pulsipher
you let these **** feed me vamper juice?!gregory sporleder
the bitch said she don't know you!james harvey ward
i need meth!ronnie gene blevins
good morning ms. flanaganjohn burke
oh goody, i'm just in time for dessertmariana klaveno
are you afflicted?shannon lucio
died as a child with pox
quote or descriptioncharacter namereal name
i know the truth about love, it's a hell you'll never get out of alivejade tailor
i really want you to have my biscuitsmelissa rauch
careful that's my throwin' arm!grey damon
oh my god!carlson young
he's a mexican, but don't worry, he ain't rape me yetalfre woodard
ruby jean, you're right, your son is strongkevin alejandro
you want more?natasha alam
she knows!max charles
this is so ****' gay!don swayze
gay vampstephen root
killed by her brostacie rippy
chain wrapped around his neckjames parks
drainerkarina logue
abandoned shifter sonjudy prescott
jesus asked me out todaymolly burnett
at restaurant, spoke about the nice waitress who was murderedear billings
jessica, jessica hamby? thank god your alive!eric jungmann
**** off!marcia derousse
you can't hypnotize away the facts ms.flanaganjohn prosky
nice to see someone from the packvincent ward
he won't even watch me play with myselfthea brooks
you're a labc.c. sheffield
no mam, i didn't even know you were gonna be a womandean norris
the queen feeds on himjack krizmanich
fairys momjenni blong
dying father of shiftercullen douglas
naked with shifters brotherkate luyben
stanley, is that you?shannon welles
i believe he has great potential for the fellowship of the sunmichael bofshever
thank you tara, for reminding me of the healing power of godgregg daniel
if it makes you feel any better, when i was 15 i let my bunk mate blow mecaleb moody
i'm terribly sorry for your loss, i was proud to call him my friendgeorge gerdes
reverend's fatherrandy oglesby
old war victim with living relativescaleb steinmeyer
vengeance!hans tester
fairys fatherjeffrey nicholas brown
goat girlsarah mccann
viking motherannica bejhed
we're on the same side you fools!slyvianne chebance
he will steal your lightlara pulver

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