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Can you name the Stage of Kohlberg's Gender Constancy?

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The full understanding of the biologically based permanence of gender
At this stage, children have a partial understanding of the permanence of sex
During the early preschool years, children can label their own sex and that of others correctly
During the late preschool and early school years, children understand that sex is biologically based
Kohlberg said gender constancy has developed by what age?
A child recognizes a male as a male, but after the male has put on a dress, the child says he is now a female. What stage is the child in?
Children believe that baby girls will grow up to be moms, but still think gender can change if hairstyle is changed. What stage are these children in?
When a child understands that gender remains the same, even if a boy is wearing girl clothes, they have entered what stage?

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