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Can you name the anime characters listed below?

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Pirate captain who loves adventure and meat
Teenager turned into Shinigami by accident
Blonde mage who collects magical keys
Stubborn ninja who dreams of becoming Hokage
A normal teenage boy... until he discovers he's the heir of a mafia family!
Orange-haired girl who hates lies and loves cute things
Powerful alchemist with a 'short' temper
An incredibly seductive young high school boy
The beautiful yet cruel golden witch
A young english lord who made a pact with a demon
Mysterious cat boy with no respect for personal space
Pink-haired yandere goddess
Shy and attractive schoolgirl gone insane
Lone wolf who loves his little brother and plays the harmonic
A serial killer with his own moral code and a God complex
Young man who wishes to become the God of the New World
A blue-haired man who dreams of exploring the surface of the world
Air-headed girl and lead guitarrist of her club band
The son of Satan who became an exorcist to defeat him
Vampire hunter turned into a vampire
Martial arts master with superhuman strength
Informant and sociopath who 'loves' humans
Strong-willed, blonde, and loves beer
Teenage girl murdered by vampires, and later turned into one
A mutant with pink hair and a split personality
A master swordsman with poor sense of direction
Half-demon stuck in time by a spell for 50 years
Nine year old girl fascinated with the occult
A good-hearted young girl and master of the Clow Cards
Innocent young girl caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse
A sweet little miss badass who hides her abilities with the sword under an innocent smile
Fire mage with pink hair and accompanied by a cheerful cat
A carefree blond lord who spent ten years in the Abyss
LIght-hearted girl with the ability to supress others' powers
Masochist pervert who desires to stop being so
An envoy from Hell with dark powers and a darker past
Young girl posing as a boy in an extremely rich high school
Teenager travelling between dimensions to recover the lost memories of his beloved
White-haired exorcist with a cursed arm
A beautiful brunette with a great voice, but also quite shy
Purple-haired girl who has been killed one hundred times
Strong and short teenage girl, nicknamed 'Palmtop Tiger'
A one-eyed girl shrouded in mystery who everyone ignores
The pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, trapped inside the Millenium Puzzle
Fourteen year old boy punished for a mass murder he didn't commit
Ghost of a dead young girl who came back for a purpose she can't remember
The son of Shinigami-sama and an expert shooter
Small Shinigami who carries the most beautiful of all ice swords
A strong-willed schoolgirl who believes aliens exist
Pink-haired girl who puts up a rough persona, but inside is lonely and desires to have friends
Blond bodyguard who 'hates violence', yet has superhuman strength
Simply one hell of a butler (literally)
A swordswoman with psychotic tendancies who actually enjoys killing zombies
An adorable schoolgirl who carries her camera everywhere
Shadow-controlling ninja, known as the lazy genius
A teenage boy who considered himself an outsider in life until he got a supernatural diary
A beautiful former thief with exceptional navigation skills
Schoolgirl with glasses and big breasts who considers herself unworthy of love
Optimistical and extrovert teenage girl who falls in love with her best male friend
A faithful servant of the Vongola, falls sick whenever he sees his sister

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