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Can you name the cities according to the description of their team nicknames?

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Nickname DescriptionsCityNicknames
Reptile, Bird, Celestial Body, Type of Ugly
Chevy Van, Lone Star Resident, Space Vehicle
American Indian Warrior, Bird of Prey, Skater Tony, Bird
Roman Catholic Rank, Dodge Truck, Music Style
Mountain Range, Ford SUV, Morsel of Chicken, Natural Disaster
Bird, Dinosaur, Plant Part
Identical, Scandinavian Pirate, Canine Mammal, Adjective
Young Mammal, Clothing, Downward Market Trend, Upward Market Trend, Helicopter
Shifty Person, William Wordsworth, Sail Boat, Royalty
Sea Criminal, 1980s Heavy Metal Band, Flightless Bird
Nickname DescriptionsCityNicknames
US Army Special Ops, Occupation, Lt. Pete Mitchell's Callsign, Polaris is One
City Nickname, Two Under Par, Numb(er), Small Handbill
Native American, Color, UVa Nickname
Fish, Aquatic Mammal, Slang for Police, Feline Mammal
Clothing, Missile, Language, European Brown Bear
Beam of Light, Pirate, Weather Phenomenon
Golfer Woods, Symbol of Great Britain, Engine Part, Type of Work Boot
Letter, Texas Tech has Red Ones, 1979 Movie about Gangs
Encountered, Union Soldier, Airplane, Very Large Person, Slang for Dutch Colonist, Texas A&M Corpus Christi Nickname, Ford Truck
Car Rental Company, Slang for American Indian, Sorcerer, Seat of Government

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