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Naval term meaning 'Understood'; A nocturnal lemur
An acute disease, mainly found in India, characterised by multiple inflammatory changes in the nerves
A type of sweet or candy with a centre either of fondant, fruit or nuts
A farewell remark
A dance originating from France where the dancers, in a line, kick their legs out high and in unison
Small talk; Light, informal conversation
Cadbury's chocolate bar with many holes through it with caramel filling
In a wild or recklass manner
A type of sandal that makes the sound of its onomatopoeic name
Specific art of trickery or nonsense; Mysterious magic
This type of spider got washed out of the water spout by the rain
Hawaiian dress
Children's playground toy that works by leverage
Onomatopoeia for a clock
Ballet skirt
Child's toy held and controlled by a string
To move while tuning sharp turns in alternate directions

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