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The element with atomic number 30; Used in galvanisation
A type of sign language that horse-racing bookmakers use to communicate
The generic name for the material of which road surfaces are made (a bituminous substance)
An insane person, or someone who has an irrational obsession with something
A collection of miscellaneous items of meaningless or little value
A plant, the syrup of which induces its consumer to vomit excessively
Name of the Newton fame
An astronomical measurement roughly equal to 3.26 light years
Soft-bodied type of animal with an un-segmented body, often with a shell
An algorithm for coding and/or decoding media files on a computer
One who is unable to sleep
An annual publication containing astronomical events, nautical events, weather etc. for a given year.
A closed segment of a 2-dimensional curve
A dead-end street with only one entrance/exit - from the french for 'bottom of the bag'
Mayhem and chaos; A state of active disarray
A geometrically flat and circular shape
Dark clothing worn with full academic dress in several universities, most notably Oxford, England
A unit of currency, used by (among others) Switzerland and Liechtenstein
A temporary camp that is less sheltered than traditional tents
One who suffers from total or partial loss of memory

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