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Can you name the words with 3 vowels but only one consonant?

Quiz Updated Aug 22, 2012

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Definition4-Letter Word
Any one of 887 Easter Island statues
A radiant glow around the heads of saints
A fencing blade heavier than a foil
An elaborate song for a solo voice
The largest and most populated continent
A tiny and scarcely detectable amount
US state with capital city Columbus
A section or region
30th most populated US state
Flat-pack Swedish furniture store
Definition4-Letter Word
Villain in Shakespeare's Othello
Woodwind double-reeded instrument
4th largest Great Lake
An assistant often in teaching
Currency of France and Spain
The Irish name for Ireland
An extremely long period of time
Freedom to do something without difficulty
Black and white sandwich cookie
The manifestation of a thought in the mind

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