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Can you name the Melbourne Cup Winners?

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2011Mikel Delzangles
2010Alain de Royer-Dupre
2009Mark Kavanagh
2008Bart Cummings
2007Graeme Rogerson
2006Katsuhiko Sumii
2005Lee Freedman
2004Lee Freedman
2003David Hall
2002Dermot K. Weld
2001Sheila Laxon
2000Mike Moroney
1999Bart Cummings
1998Brian Jenkins
1997Jack Denham
1996Bart Cummings
1995Lee Freedman
1994David Hayes
1993Dermot K. Weld
1992Lee Freedman
1991Bart Cummings
1990Bart Cummings
1989Lee Freedman
1988Laurie Laxon
1987Les J. Bridge
1986C S Hayes
1985John Meagher
1984George Hanlon
1983Ewen S. Lupton
1982Geoff T. Murphy
1981T J Smith
1980C S Hayes
1979Bart Cummings
1978George Hanlon
1977Bart Cummings
1976Len H. Robinson
1975Bart Cummings
1974Bart Cummings
1973Ray J. Hutchins
1972George Hanlon
1971Eric Temperton
1970Robert Heasley
1969Mick L. Robins
1968Mick L. Robins
1967Bart Cummings
1966Bart Cummings
1965Bart Cummings
1964John P. Carter
1963H. Graeme Heagney
1962Arch McGregor
1961Frank B. Lewis
1960Trevor H. Knowles
1959Richard W. Roden
1958Jack Green
1957J. M. Mitchell
1956E. D. Lawson
1955T J Smith
1954Ivan Tucker
1953Robert Sinclair
1952C. C. McCarthy
1951Maurice McCarten
1950J. M. Cummings
1949D. Lewis
1948Stan Boyden
1947J. W. McCurley
1946E. Hush
1945S. Evans
1944E. Fisher
1943Ray Webster
1942F. Manning
1941J. Fryer
1940J. A. Scully
1939Harry Bamber
1938Mr. Allan McDonald
1937S. W. Reid
1936J. Fryer
1935Lou Robertson
1934Frank McGrath, Sr
1933Jack Holt
1932Frank McGrath, Sr
1931E. J. Hatwell
1930Harry R. Telford
1929A. McAulay
1928William Kelso
1927James Scobie
1926V. O'Neill
1925George R. Price
1924Richard Bradfield
1923James Scobie
1922James Scobie
1921J. Williams
1920H. J. Robinson
1919P. T. Heywood
1918Richard Bradfield
1917Joe Burton
1916M. Hobbs
1915C. Wheeler
1914Isaac Foulsham
1913J. Chambers
1912R. O'Connor
1911C. Wheeler
1910James Lynch
1909Frank McGrath, Sr.
1908E. A. Mayo
1907Isaac Earnshaw
1906Isaac Earnshaw
1905Walter Hickenbotham
1904A. E. Wills
1903A. E. Cornwell
1902Richard Bradfield
1901Hugh Munro
1900James Scobie
1899James Wilson, Jr.
1898William Forrester
1897William Forrester
1896Walter Hickenbotham
1895J. H. Hill
1894Richard Bradfield
1893Joseph Cripps
1892M. Carmody
1891J. Redfearn
1890Walter Hickenbotham
1889T. Wilson
1888Walter Hickenbotham
1887J. Nicholson
1886H. Rayner
1885T. Wilson
1884Isaac Foulsham
1883Michael Fennelly
1882J. E. Savill
1881T. Lamond
1880T. Brown
1879W. E. Dakin
1878Etienne de Mestre
1877Etienne de Mestre
1876James Wilson, Sr.
1875H. Moon
1874S. Harding
1873James Wilson, Sr.
1872John Tait
1871John Tait
1870W. Lang
1869R. Sevior
1868John Tait
1867Etienne de Mestre
1866John Tait
1865P. Miley
1864S. Mahon
1863Sam Waldock
1862Etienne de Mestre
1861Etienne de Mestre

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