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When Marth hits with the tip of his sword
When a player jumps, and then inputs an upsmash or grab before the character leaves the ground
A quick press of the jump button that results in a smaller jump
A short hop, followed by a directional air dodge into the ground, creating a slide
The act pressing the L/R/Z button 7 or less frames before hitting the ground, resulting in the lag of an air move being reduced by half
When a character repeatedly throws another character, and re-grabs them multiple times
When a character drops from the ledge, and immediately jumps onto the stage, resulting in a quicker way on stage to attack
a stylish, sometimes unnecessary combo, mostly associated with a team combo
The act of picking a different character or stage against your opponent in attempt to 'counter' them
the process of selecting a stage to begin a tournament set
The act of using a characters floaty second jump to cancel their first jump. Commonly done with Ness, Yoshi, and Mewtwo
fox and falco's reflector attacks
captain falcon's forward aerial
a shortened name for an aerial attack (neutral air, back air, etc.)
The act of running back and forth quickly
landing onto a platform with a wavedash
ending someones stock at low %
a marth forward air, followed by a down air spike
When the ice climbers get a grab, and repeatedly beat the victim of the grab in a certain rythme so that they cannot escape the grab, resulting in death
When fox hits their opponent with his reflector off-stage, almost always resulting in a kill
a players best character
name for peach's most powerful turnip
when fox uses his reflector, and wavedashes out of it
abbreviation for 'FInal Destination'
the act of canceling the knockback of a move that sends you straight down by jumping or using your 3rd jump at the right time
a move the comes out fast, and stays out for a long time, but the damage weakens the longer the move is out
the act of changing the direction of knockback after being hit
the act of keeping your opponent from recovering back to the stage
when a character reaches the top of their jump, and the player holds down, speeding up their fall
when a character does a dash attack, and on the first frame, cancels it with an upsmash, causing them to slide a far distance while doing an upsmash
the act of taking your own stock, or committing suicide in game
a rule at tournaments that prevents a player from choosing a stage they already won on in that same set
playing to lose, losing on purpose
when 2 players using the same character play against each other
the act of using shield while running to stop a dash in place
the act of purposefully grabbing the edge so the other player cannot
when an attack hits a shield during the first few frames the shield is out
when 2 players challenge each other for a set amount of money
when 2 players play a competitive one on one match, but with no implications. usually done to warm up before a serious match or as practice
the act of predicting a move or action of your opponent
the act of hitting your opponent straight down
the act of hitting your opponent down at an angle so they cannot meteor cancel
when a player hits someone just outside of where their shield covers their body
canceling the knockback of a move by crouching
reading your opponents options after they hit the ground, and are trying to get back up
using the c-stick to input a roll the first frame that it is available
using a shoulder button 20 frames or fewer before hitting the ground during the tumble animation
flicking the stick away from the wall that you are making contact with
reaching the edge at the right moment where you grab it during one of the first frames the option is available
getting up from the ledge with a ledge-hop, and immediately wavelanding back onto the ledge, so that you are invincible and still considered grabbing the ledge

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