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Can you name the the first names or nicknames that are also common words?

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A toilet
Feeling amorous, lustful
Well-to-do, affluent
Elegance in manner
To rise up and down, especially in water
Belief without requiring proof
A visible trace, such as from a pencil
To diminish gradually
A red gemstone
To vomit
A cylindrical piece of wood used to fasten or to hang a coat on
To take something that doesn't belong to you
With 'spotted,' a pudding made with raisins
A device for lifting a heavy object, such as a car
By any other name it would smell as sweet
To give ownership of, especially by deed or in writing
A song, especially for a holiday
A statement for money owed; or, the mouth of a duck
A caffeinated beverage that helps the world wake up
A male turkey
Consider this flower; types include 'water,' 'peace,' and 'tiger'
A small cut
To tap lightly

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