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Can you name the Hearthstone card from a quote reviewing it when it was first announced?

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'I don't think it has enough turn 2 spell damage synergy. Kobolds aren't really constructed playable, and the spellpower totem is too inconsistent. 2/5.'StrifeCro
'I think Warrior is just going to stick to what it's done in the past, and not try and play this card.'Chakki
'How good is it? Probably about as good as Arcane Explosion, because one drops aren't that big a deal, and Arcane Explosion's not that good. Shaman already has a lot of good AoE.'Kibler
'Do the Boom Bots have taunt? If the Boom Bots had taunt, this card would be really good. Not quite making the cut.'ThatsAdmirable
'Out of all the dumb cards that are probably horrible, [card] will have the most people trying to make it work.'Kripparian
'It's a little bit worse than 1 mana 1/1 draw a card. There is no reason you would want a random card over just playing a normal spell.'Thijs
'I think this is a noob trap. You have to have meaningful situations where both the choose effects are powerful. And a lot of the choose cards just got nerfed into oblivion.'Kripparian
'I just don't see the secrets being worth running just so you can get this out. The only secret even worth running right now is Avenge.'Trump
'Is this card good enough for constructed? I tend to think that 10-mana cards aren't. I don't expect this guy to see any play.'Reynad
'It's really bad because if you play this on turn 2 and then you summon anything that doesn't cost 2 or 1, you lose the game.'Amaz
'I'm very surprised to see [card] at so high a ranking. Base stats are very poor. If you were to summon two cards with it on the same turn, then you're getting a 3 mana 3/5.'Trump
'Don't play this guy, so bad. You're Healing Touching yourself for 5 mana. Don't play this.'Amaz

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