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How many times was 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' used in their Alive 2007 show?
What about Voyager?
Thomas Bangalter started a label in 1995 called...
Guy-Manuel and Eric Chedeville own one called...
Before becoming 'Alive' their first single was
What was the highest charting single from Discovery in USA?
Who performed the vocals on Touch from RAM?
Did Thomas Bangalter's helmet ever have a smile?
Who performed the final song in their film Electroma
How many tracks are on their 2006 album Human After All?
What single from their first album was only released promotionally?
What song's elements were used primarily in the Teriyaki Boyz song Heartbreaker?
Thomas and Guy-Man formed in a band before Daft Punk, what was it?
Who was the third member?
Who directed the video for Around The World
What album only took 6 weeks to make?
Who is taller?
How many tracks are on Alive 1997?
What is the first track from RAM
How many songs have they worked on with Pharrell?

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