INEOS Grenadiers (2020 - .... )

Name Cyclists INEOS Grenadiers (2020 - .... ) ??

NationalityCyclistsResults - Key Statistics
Colombia18-..., Tour19-(jaune,2d), Giro21+2ét-(CortinaAmpezzo, CampoFelice, rose-13j) clm-climb -16v, Suisse19, Colombia18, ParisNice19, NC18(clm), -6eVuelta21, 15eTour18, -3eStrade21, 3eLombardia19, -4eTirreno21, (ex,Androni), >3xClassics >0ét/19v/5GT
UK10-..., Tour18+3ét-(jaune,12d), 2eTour19 clm-punch -21v, Dauphiné18, Romandia21, ParisNice16, NC10, NC18(clm), (jaune,4d,Tour17), -classics GPe3, -7eRoubaix14, 8e/10e/12e/14eFlandres, team-leader- 15eTour16, 15eTour15, 22eTour14, 31eTour11, 41eTour21, (ex,SaunierD, Barloworld), >TRACK -2xJO08/12(p/e), 3xWC(p/e), >19xClassics, >3ét/24v/16GT
Ecuador20-..., JO21-(Tokyo), 3eTour21, 2eGiro22-(rosa,6d), 2eVuelta20-(oro,5d), team-climb -5v, 13eTour20, -9eHuy21, 13eLombardia20, -NC22-itt, (ex,Movistar-Giro 19+2ét, 4eGiro18+1ét, Asturias18/19), >2xClassics, >3ét/14v/9GT
Poland16-..., SanRemo17, Amstel22, SanSeb17, Strade17, 1étTour20-(Roche/Foron), NC18, NC17-itt, -sprint-punch -15v, Tirreno18, 2eAmstel17, 3eLiège17, 3eSanRemo19, 4eWC20, 6eHuy20, 7eHuy17, 8eAmstel21, 10eLiege20, (ex,Omega-WC14, 11eTour13, NC13, Strade14, Amstel15), >33xClassics, >1ét/29v/11GT
Netherlands18-..., Roubaix22, punch-itt -5v, 2eFlandres22, NC18-itt, 2eWC21,10eFlandres21, 12e/18eFlandres18/20, Dwars21 (ex,Garmin/Can-4e/6eFlandres17/16) >21xClassics, >6v,10GT
UK17-..., Giro20+2ét-(Piancavalo/Sestriere, rose,1d), clm-punch -5v, team, 20eVuelta19, 2eAlps19, 62eVuelta18, (ex,Axeon), >8xClassics, >2ét/5v/5GT
Italy19..., CLM-team -17v, WC20/21-itt, 2étGiro21-(Turin-Milan/itt-rose,3d), 4étGiro20-(Palerme-itt /Valdo-itt /Silano/Milan-itt)-(rose,2d), NC19/20(clm), 3eWC-itt, 2eNations19, (ex,Lampre/UAE), >10xClassics >5ét/19v/2GT
UK21-..., punch-climb -2v, team, -4eVuelta21, -Catalunya21, -3eLombardia21, 18eLiege21, 4eParisNice22, (ex,Mitchelton-4eTour16-(blanc), SanSeb15, -9eTour20-(jaune,4d), 9eGiro17, -4eLiege19), >11xClassics, >16v/10GT
Colombia21-..., punch-itt -3v, team, -5eGiro21, -Itzulia22, >4eLiege22, 5eHuy22, -NC22-itt (ex,Wilier, EF Pro-Dauphine20, 1étTour20, NC19/20-itt), >10xClassics, >1ét/10v/7GT
Italy22-..., Sprint -1/22v, track JO16-Omnium, (ex, Liquigas, Sky, QuickStep-UE19, NC18, Azzuri18+4ét, Cofidis), >3xEuroEyes17-19, >14xClassics, >9ét/86v/13GT
Australia12-15, 21-22, itt-punch, Dauphiné21, team, -2eRomandia21, 3eParisNice21, Paris-Nice13/15, Catalunya15, 19eTour13, 38eTour21, (ex,Trek-3eTour20, 11eTour19), (ex,SaxoBank, BMC-5eTour16), >6xClassics, >33v.17GT
Russia/Francia18-..., ITT-punch, 9eGiro19, 16eGiro22, team, Alpes19, Poland19, 35eVuelta21, 87eTour20, BabyGiro17, >1xClassic, >3v,6GT
UK21-..., sprint-punch -1v, Brabantse21, 2eAmstel21, 5eStrade21, 6eHuy21, 15eSanRemo21, -3eKuurn21, Cyclocross-WC22, VTT-JO21, (ex,Team Wiggins-BabyGiro20+3ét, Roubaix19-u23), >3xClassics, >1v,1GT
Spain18-..., ITT-punch, team, NC18/19-itt, 24eGiro20, 23eTour21, 23eGiro21, (ex,Movistar-3xNC-itt, UE18-itt), >9xClassics, >10v,15GT
UK10-16,19-.., punch-sprint -14v, NC19/21, 2e/3eSanRemo16/14, 18eGiro20, (>UAE >back-Sky), >16xClassics >15v,8GT
UK20-..., ITT, punch-sprint -14v, Appenins20, NC22-itt, Norway21, 2eBritain21, >3xClassics, >14v,0GT
Ireland18-..., itt-punch -2v, team, CoppiBartali22, 22eGiro19, Hongrie22, >5xClassics, >2v,1GT
UK12-..., itt-punch, team, 5eFlandres16, 6eFlandres19, 8eRoubaix15, 14eRoubaix16, >27xClassics >2v,9GT
UK21-..., cyclocross-punch -1v, DeBrabanste21, 2eAmstel21, 5eStrade21, 6eHuy21, 14eFlandres22, -67eVuelta21, >5xClassics, >1v,1GT
Ecuador19-..., sprint-punch -3v, team, 1étGiro20-(Cesenatico), CoppiBartali20, 42eGiro22, 49eGiro21, (ex,Axeon, QuickStep), >1ét/4v/5GT
Usa22-..., Prospect, itt-punch -2v, Brabanste22, 17eRutaSol22+1ét, (ex, Rally Racing), >2xClassics, >2v,0GT
UK22-..., 'BT', ITT-climb -1v, team-prospect, 38eGiro22, 2eCoppiBartali22+1ét, (ex,Alpecin-12eHuy21, 17eAmstel21, 9ePoland21), >3xClassics, >1v,1GT
UK22-..., Prospect, itt-punch, 11eRoubaix22, 4eBrabanste22, cyclocross, 8eDwars22, (ex,Corendon, Trinity Racing), >2xClassics, >0v,0GT
Spain20-..., itt-climb -1v, team-prospect, 20eStrade22, 4eRutaSol22, -2eAvenir21, 4eRutaSol21, 8eNC21, 3eNC21-clm, >1xClassic, >1v,0GT
Australia21-..., Prospect, ITT-punch -2v, NC22, NC-20/21-itt, 9eRomandia22, 3eNorway22, >0xClassic, >2v,0GT
Italy11-..., sprint-punch, captain-team, 12eSanRemo14, (rose-1d,Giro13), 64eGiro18, >27xClassics >0v,16GT
Belgium21-..., punch-team, (ex,Etixx, Quick Step-24eGiro17, Jumbo Visma-BinckBank19, 23eTour19), >8xClassics, >1v,4GT
Costa Rica20-..., itt-punch, team, (ex,Movistar,-4eGiro15, 8eGiro16, 18eGiro17, 29eGiro12), >17xClassics >1ét/2v/17GT
Spain22-..., climb-punch, team, (ex,CajaRural-MGM Vue15, DimData-MGM Vue16, 1étGiro17, Astana-1étTour18), >10xClassics, >2ét/7v/13GT
Australia20-..., 'CW', itt-punch, team, 95eVuelta20, (ex,Androni, Liquigas, Ch.System, Cannondale), >5xClassics, >0v,4GT
Colombia20-..., 'BR', itt-punch, team, 4eNC20-clm, 51eBinckBank20, >0xClassic, >1v,1GT
Germany22-..., 'KH', sprint-punch, team, 26eDenain22, (ex,Lotto-Kern Haus), >1xClassic, >0v,0GT
UK'DB', Manager General since 2010
UK10-20, Tour-13/15/16/17, Giro18, Vuelta11/17, -2eTour12, 2eVuelta14/16, 3eTour18, 4eVuelta12, clm-climb 46v, - Dauphiné13/15/16, Romandia13/14, RutaSol15, -CLM -3eJO12/16(clm), 3eWC17(clm) - MGM(Tour15/Giro18), Cyclam(Vuelta15), (ex,Barloworld-36eGiro09), >7xClassics, >14ét/46v/17GT, > LEGENDE
Netherlands15-19, Liège16, - 6eVuelta17, punch-team -13v, 12eGiro18, 4eHuy16, 10eLiege19,12eLombardia15, (ex,Vacansoleil), >Bahrain, >12xClass >19v/14GT
Italy16-21, itt-team -11v, 3eLombardia17, 4eRoubaix21, 5eRoubaix17, -24eGiro21, Guangxi18, 2xNC17/18(clm), 4e/5eWC, >Astana, >18xClass >11v,4GT
Belarus13-20, ITT-team -7v, WC15-itt, 1étGiro15, 1étVuelta13, NC18-itt, 2xNations, >5xNC-itt, >4ét/18v/20GT
UK10-20, sprint-itt -7v, 3eRoubaix16, HetVolk14/15, NC12, 6eSanRemo13, team, >29xClassics >7v,10GT
Colombia14-21, climb-team, 17eGiro16, 22eGiro14, 24eGiro19, (ex,Columbia), >Astana, >'cousin Sergio', >6xClass >0v,6GT
Colombia19-21, climb-team -7v, 44eGiro19, 62eVuelta20, Burgos19, Provence19, (ex,Androni), >Movistar, >4xClassics, >13v,2GT
Australia20-21, track-ITT-team -2v, punch, 35eGiro20, (ex,BMC-WC18-itt, Bahrain-WC19-itt, >3xNC-itt), >JumboVisma, >4ét/30v/10GT
Germany11-20, itt-punch-team, captain, (ex,Milram-NC10, 19eTour09) >30xClassics >4v,20GT
Poland16-21. itt-sprint-team, (ex,Omega-NC12, 55eTour14), Vacansoleil), >21xClassics >2v,9GT
UK16-21, track/itt-sprint-team, 2eKuurn19, -track JO16(p/e), >EF Educ, >9xClassics, >2v,1GT
Italy18-21, 'LB', punch-sprint, team, 5eBernocchi18, 7eBeghelli18, 11eNokere18, >Astana, >3xClassics, >0v,0GT
Francia'NP', Directeur Sport >7xTour, 2xVuelta 1xGiro (Ex C.d'Ep) died20.

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