Caja Rural - Seguros RGA (2010-...)

Name Caja Rural - Seguros RGA (2010-....) All-Stars?

NationCyclistYears - Results
Espagne2014, leader-clm-punch, 2v, 3eRutaSol14, (ex,Caissd'Ep-9eVuelta10, Belkin, 2xSanSeb >Astana >4ét/43v/22GT
Espagne13-17, 12eVuelta13, 13eVuelta15, 20eVuelta14 (ex,Caissed'Ep-2eGiro10, 1étVuel08) > 1ét/5v/18GT
Espagne15-19, 15eVuelta17, 18eVuelta16, punch-climb, 1v, (ex,Burgos, Movistar-18eGiro12, MTN-17eVuelta14), > 7v, 8GT
Espagne13-15, climb-team, MGM(Vuelta15), 2v, Appenins15 >DimData-MGM(Vuelta16),1étGiro17, Astana-1étTour18 >9GT
Espagne12-14, punch-climb 2v, 1étVuelta12(Covadongas), (ex,Andalucia), 6GT
Portugal15-16, clm-punch, 4v, Turkey16, 34eVuelta15, 8eAppenins16 >Katusha-14eGiro18, >Nippo20, >7xClassics, 7GT
UK15-16, climb-punch, 2v, Asturies16, prospect, 1GT >Cannondale, EFEduc-11eGiro19, 5GT
Espagne2011, Asturias11+1ét, (ex,Andalucia-21eVuelta08) >Movistar 'team Valverde', DelkoMarseille, stop19, 9v, 10GT
Portugal12-13, 16eVuelta12, 21eVuelta13, 5eBurgos12 > Garmin-14eGiro16, Trek >susp, dop17
Espagne2012, prospect-climv, 2eAsturias12, 5ePortugal12 >Netapp, Etixx-7eVuelta16+1ét, Sky-15eVuelta18, Uae20,
Espagne13-15, 25eVuelta13, punch-team, 1v, 2eAsturies15, (ex,Eusk-23eTour07, 30eVuelta11) >Orica, > 4v; 8xClass, 4GT
Espagne14-16 , climb-team,4v, Klasika14, 7eTurin16 (ex,Eusk >Astana-6eGiro18, 2étGiro19) >Bahr20
Espagne15-17, punch-clm, Turkey16, (cancelled-26eVuelta17, 3eCoppiBartali17, prospect, >Movistar >susp19-22
Russie2017, clmb-clm-team, 2v, Moscow16, (ex,Bbox-Bessèges08, Katusha-10eGiro15, 14eTour14) 12GT
Espagne13-14, néo-pro, prospect, Avenir13 >Movistar-33eVuelta16, 4GT >Orbea20
Espagne2012, team-climb, 65eVuelta12, 37eR.delSol12, (ex,SaunierDuval-24eVuelta09, 35eVuelta11) > 4v, 11GT
Espagne14-18, clm-punch-classics, 1v, Turkey15, (ex,Burgos >Movistar), 'Bro Enric', 3xClassics, 6GT
Espagne14-16 , punch-team, 2eEmilia14, 2v, (ex,Movistar, team) >Delko, >Burgos-1étVuelta19
Espagne10-11, clm-punch, 1v, 'Bro Jesus', 4eRteSud11 6eAsturies11 >Movistar-12eVuelta13, >Cofidis20, >classics
Espagne18-.. climb-team, 25eVuelta18, 50eVuelta19 (ex,Wiler, 4eAppenins17) 4GT
Espagne12-14, climb-punch, 27eVuelta12, (ex,Xacobéo > Kinan), 4GT
Espagne15-17, punch-team-sprint, 4v Sabattini15, >Euskadi-Turkey18, Movistar20, 2GT
Espagne15-16, Sprint-punch, 2v, 4eRioja15, (uci-america, 3v) (ex,Euskadi, >Movistar, DimData20); > 12v, 1GT
Italy12-15, Sprint, 3v - Rioja13, 3eAlmeria13, 4eDrenthe12, 1xClassic, 3GT
Portugal12-13, Sprint, 2v, NC12, (ex,LibertySeguros-NC09, Footon) > 4xClassics, 3GT, 21v,
Espagne10-11, 'JS' Sprint 2v, (ex,Burgos > SP Tableware) , end16
Espagne16-.. climb-punch, 29eVuelta19, 64eVuelta18, 5eLeon19, 2GT
Espagne17-19, 'AA', punch-sprint,1v, Gexto18, (ex,Euskadi) > Astana20
Espagne17-.. sprint-punch, 1v (1ét R.delSol20), 8eTurkey19, team, 1GT
Bulgarie12-13end. Sprint 2v, 2xNC12/13, > 4xNC (ex,Benfica), > 7v, 1GT
Espagne10-11, 'EG', punch-classics, 7eTurkey11 >Codidis,1v-(Paris-Corrèze12) >Murias, > 4GT
Ukraine10-11, 'OC' clm-team-sprint, 1v, (ex,Contenpolis), 1xClassic, 3v
Uruguay10-18, 'FF', punch-sprint, 0v, 2GT , 4eLlodio10, 5eRomagna11, -56eVuelta17 >Efapel
Espagne12-16, 'JA', team-sprint-captain, 0v, (ex,Euskaltel), 11xClassics, 4GT
Espagne14-19, 'AM', team-climb, 6eOccitanie18, 5eGévaudan17, 1GT
Espagne14-18, 'MAB', punch-sprint, 0v, 0GT - end career18
Pologne2010, néo-pro, punch-prospect, >Omega-WC14,Amstel15, 11eTour13, - Sky-SanRemo-SanSeb17 > 9GT
Espagne'JMH', Manager General since/depuis 2010

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