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H,0, =
What will eventually happen in the core of our Sun?
The ultimate fate of the universe depends on...
What are comets made up of?
H,0, =
Doppler effect for electromagnetic waves
What is a 'closed' cosmology?
What percentage of the time the Sun spends as a main sequence star will it spend as a 'Red Giant'?
Hubble's Law states:
What principal initially causes the formation of a star?
1 Parsec, pc =
What will happen as the rate of hydrogen fusion decreases?
As a result of the attraction and concentration cycle, a large core of material forms called a ....
The Cosmological Principle States:
the Hubble constant, H,0, =
1 astronomical unit, AU =
During what year was a very slight movement towards the red end hydrogen spectrum noticed?
Light Year....
One Parsec is...
What will the change in density be between the Sun and its white dwarf counterpart in kgm3?
What is the last stage in the formation of a star?
Who discovered that 'red shift' was even more noticeable when examining other galaxies?
Doppler effect: if new wavelength is LESS than original wavelength
What will happen when the pressure rises in the core of the Sun?
Neutron Star...
The astronomical unit of distance is...
Why does density increase in certain areas of space?
1 Light Year, ly =
What happens when a Red Giant becomes unstable
Why does background (CMB) radiation at a few degrees kelvin support the big bang theory?
What is a 'open' cosmology?
The big bang model implies a finite age for the universe roughly equal to...
Doppler effect: if new wavelength is GREATER than original wavelength
What are glowing regions of space called?
Critical density of the universe, rho,c, =
Where (in the Solar System) do comets originate
What causes the gases associated with a comet to spread out, become ionised and glow?
In a supernova, what are the energies high enough to do?
As time goes on in the universe, how is kinetic energy lost?
What could happen in the immense pressure at the end of a Red Giant phase?
What percentage of its original diameter will a white dwarf retain?
What is a 'flat' cosmology?

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