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~~ 1980 ~~

Kool & The Gang invite listeners to 'bring your good times and your laughter too' to enjoy this #1 hit with them
This world-famous musician is killed by a stalker in front of his New York City apartment shortly after releasing Double Fantasy, his first LP in five years
This hit comedy-musical movie features performances by R&B stars Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown, and big band legend Cab Calloway singing 'Minnie The Moocher'
Sporting his trademark horn-rimmed glasses, this influential new wave musician and his backing band The Attractions release the LP Get Happy!
This Queen song, with its memorable three-beat intro, becomes a huge hit -- it is (ironically) later used by CPR trainers to teach the right tempo for chest compressions
This Dolly Parton song about working women, written for a film of the same name, will top both the pop and country charts
This country group, named for a U.S. state, infuses rock elements into country music; 'Tennessee River' becomes the first of a long string of chart-topping hits
Christopher Hogwood and the Academy of Ancient Music issue their landmark recording of this Handel oratorio using period instruments and long-forgotten playing and singing styles
Using new technology to work with samples and loops and incorporating African polyrhythms, this pioneering new wave band releases its influential LP Remain In Light
After the death of lead singer Bon Scott, AC/DC recruits new vocalist Brian Johnson to record and release this smash hit album, featuring 'You Shook Me All Night Long'
~~ 1981 ~~

This U.S. cable network devoted to music videos launches, starting with the The Buggles' 'Video Killed The Radio Star'
Years before the term 'boy band' is widely used, this Puerto Rican teen group becomes a sensation in the Spanish-speaking world; Ricky Martin and Draco Rosa will later be members
Though the music video for this huge Olivia Newton-John hit shows her working out in a gym, the song's lyrics clearly refer to another kind of sweaty activity
Though this vocal quartet have been well-known country and gospel stars for years, their hit 'Elvira' crosses over to the pop charts and introduces them to many new fans
This duo releases the hit LP Private Eyes; both the title track and 'I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)' reach #1
Canadian band Rush has a hit with a song describing a modern-day version of this Mark Twain character
In later years, this Journey anthem about 'streetlight people' will seem emblematic of the early 1980s and be one of the era's most recognizable songs; but it only peaks at #9
Cats, a stage musical based on the work of this Nobel-winning modernist poet, debuts in London; it will run continuously for 21 years (18 on Broadway)
'Believe It Or Not,' the theme song for this short-lived U.S. TV series about a teacher whose red suit gives him superhuman abilities, spends 18 weeks on the charts
Rick James has a dance hit with this track about a 'kinky girl, the kind you don't take home to mother,' later famously sampled by M.C. Hammer
~~ 1982 ~~

In Japan, CBS/Sony begins selling musical recordings that use this new format, in which a laser is used to read digital data
The London-based D'Oyly Carte Opera Company closes after 107 years of continuously producing light operas such as 'The Mikado' and 'HMS Pinafore' by these Victorian artists
This pioneering woman in a hard rock genre dominated by men takes 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' to #1 and has another top ten hit with 'Crimson and Clover'
In the #2 spot behind the above singer are the Go-Go's with this signature hit, which served as the opening scene-setting track for the film Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Canadian polka band The Emeralds have a minor hit with the music to this avian dance fad imported from Europe, in which dancers end each set of figures by clapping 4 times
This musician hits #1 with 'Jack and Diane,' but is saddled with the stage name 'John Cougar' by his record company; he spends years gradually reclaiming his own name
Survivor scores a huge hit with this song from the Rocky III soundtrack, despite the fact that the title phrase doesn't rhyme with 'challenge of our rival'
This British synthpop band scores hits in the UK with 'Rio' and 'Hungry Like The Wolf'; supported by popular videos, they gradually become big stars in the US as well
This hit TV show about the staff and clientele of a Boston bar debuts, along with a memorable theme song about a place 'where everybody knows your name'
Los Angeles' Dimples becomes the first bar in the US to feature this Japanese entertainment fad, in which patrons take turns singing popular songs to recorded instrumental backup
~~ 1983 ~~

She's So Unusual, featuring 'Time After Time' and 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun,' is released -- who is 'she'?
Few recording artists have so completely owned a year as Michael Jackson does with this megahit LP featuring songs like 'Beat It,' 'Billie Jean,' and the title track
Jackson performs 'Billie Jean' at a 25th anniversary celebration for Motown records and uses this signature dance move for the first time, as the crowd roars in surprise
Culture Club, featuring this flamboyantly androgynous lead singer, hits #1 in sixteen different countries with 'Karma Chameleon'
Two different cable TV channels aimed at the country music fan base begin broadcasting; name either
This former member of The Commodores continues a hugely successful solo career with 'All Night Long;' its colorful music video is directed by Mike Nesmith (of The Monkees)
This British power trio, whose lead singer's stage name was inspired by a bee-patterned shirt he used to wear, releases its final studio LP, Synchronicity
This band's LP Metal Health, featuring 'Cum On Feel The Noize' becomes the first heavy metal LP to reach #1 on the Billboard album chart
Annie Lennox and David Stewart, with a band named for this system of teaching music, have a major hit with 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)'
British band UB40 takes a reggae version of this 1960s Neil Diamond song to the top of the British charts; five years later, a rerelease will hit #1 in the US as well
~~ 1984 ~~

This singer releases Born In The USA to massive critical and popular acclaim
This New Orleans-rooted trumpet player taking the jazz world by storm becomes the first musician to win Grammys for jazz and classical recordings in the same year
It's a big year for music in movies: Purple Rain stars this musician at the height of his popularity in a depiction of his hometown Minneapolis music scene
Tom Hulce portrays an even bigger musical genius in this movie set in the 18th century, though he will lose the acting Oscar to his co-star F. Murray Abraham
And Rob Reiner directs this iconic mockumentary about a fictional heavy metal band whose amplifiers famously 'go to 11'
'Do They Know It's Christmas?', recorded by a who's who of British pop stars, is a smash hit in the UK and will raise over £8 million for famine relief in this African country
This mother/daughter duo releases their debut LP Why Not Me, which produces three #1 hits on the country music chart
This influential British indie band, led by Morrissey and Johnny Marr, and with a name chosen to be as 'ordinary' as possible, releases its self-titled debut album
Van Halen's 1984, featuring 'Jump,' 'I'll Wait,' and 'Panama,' is the band's biggest selling album -- but it will be the last to feature this singer until 2012
Boosted by a briliant shot-for-shot parody of the original Michael Jackson video, this pop music satirist breaks through to wider audiences with the gold record 'Eat It'
~~ 1985 ~~

'Money for Nothing,' by this Mark Knopfler-led band, features falsetto vocals by Sting and a computer-animated video
Lobbying by the Parents Music Resource Center, including this activist married to a senator and future presidential candidate, leads to the use of 'Parental Advisory' labels
The television broadcast of Live Aid, satellite-linked joint benefit concerts in London and this American city, is watched by an estimated 1.9 billion people worldwide
This singer, who splits time between the band Genesis and a hugely sucessful solo career, is the only artist to appear in both Live Aid stadiums (traveling by Concorde to make it)
Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson form this country supergroup, with the name trading on their 'outlaw' status within the genre
This former teen model and Seventeen cover girl releases her debut album, which goes multiplatinum on the strength of three #1 singles, including 'How Will I Know'
This artist spends six weeks at the top of the album chart with Like A Virgin, stars in the film Desperately Seeking Susan, and inspires several fashion trends
A major music festival is held for the first time in this South American city, drawing 1.5 million fans to performances by Queen, AC/DC, Rod Stewart, James Taylor, and others
This musical stage adaption of a melodramatic novel by Victor Hugo, based on a French production which had a successful 3-month run in Paris, opens in London's West End
Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, better known by this band name, release Songs From The Big Chair, featuring the #1 hits 'Shout' and 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World'
~~ 1986 ~~

Classical pianist Vladimir Horowitz returns to his home country for the first time in 61 years to give two recitals in this city
This Texas songwriter wielding a wry wit and a spectacular pompadour releases his debut album and is immediately hailed as a new creative force in country music
Aardman Animations and the Brothers Quay create a groundbreaking music video for this Peter Gabriel single; the song rockets to #1 and the video will win numerous awards
This musician releases the critically acclaimed album Graceland, a collaboration with black South African musicians he sought out after being given a recording by a friend
In a seminal cross-pollination of rap and rock, Run DMC completely reimagines this 1970s Aerosmith hit originally inspired by a gag in the movie Young Frankenstein
Though hip-hop grew out of a black urban subculture, this white group has the first chart-topping rap album, Licensed To Ill
Janet Jackson breaks with her father and charts her own path with this aptly-named album, which becomes a hit due partly to videos choreographed by a then-unknown Paula Abdul
Bon Jovi takes this album, named after the band visited a strip club, to the top of the charts on the strength of singles 'Living On A Prayer' and 'You Give Love A Bad Name'
The Phantom Of The Opera, written by this celebrated stage composer, premieres in London to sellout crowds
With 'Danger Zone' from Top Gun, this former partner of Jim Messina has a third top ten hit from a movie sountrack (after songs from Caddyshack and Footloose)
~~ 1987 ~~

This all-women band hits it big with the Prince-ghostwritten 'Manic Monday' and the huge hit 'Walk Like An Egyptian'
The Houston Grand Opera premieres this John Adams opus about a U.S. diplomatic initiative; it will become one of the few late-20th-century operas to find a place in the repertoire
Guns N' Roses, featuring Axl Rose and this top-hatted guitarist, releases its first album, Appetite For Destruction
This former Wham! frontman releases his first solo album, Faith, featuring the controversial hit 'I Want Your Sex'
This Michael Jackson album, his first in almost five years, is the first to ever have five different tracks reach #1
This fifth U2 album rapidly becomes the band's most successful release; the title plays on its themes of surviving spiritually in a desert of political and social callousness
Name any of the three superstars who join forces on Trio, which goes platinum and spawns four top ten country hits
This Rick Astley hit will reach #1 in 25 countries . . . and become the punchline to an internet prank fad 20 years later
This sleeper hit film about lives and loves at a resort in the Catskills features steamy dance numbers and the #1 hit '(I've Had) The Time Of My Life'
Los Lobos hits #1 with this title track to a film biopic of Ritchie Valens, who died in the same plane crash as Buddy Holly
~~ 1988 ~~

Tone Lōc releases this humorous rap song, built around a Van Halen riff, about a series of encounters with women who like to 'do the ______ ______'
NWA releases their instantly popular and influential Straight Outta Compton, with the controversial track 'F*** Tha Police'; name any NWA member appearing on the album
This Philadelphia duo releases the album He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper, catapulting them to stardom and leading eventually to a starring television role for one of them
In her hit debut album, this artist brings soulful singing, sparse arrangements, and politically charged lyrics to songs like 'Fast Car' and 'Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution'
This Irish musician combines elements of celtic, new age, and folk music in her second album, Watermark, which becomes a critical and commerical success
Known in jazz circles as perhaps the most gifted and inventive vocalist of his generation, Bobby McFerrin emerges as a pop one-hit wonder with this calypso-themed paean to optimism
This rock supergroup forms after a jam session to record a B-side for a George Harrison single produces 'Handle With Care' and the record label insists it's a hit on its own
This influential alternative band, known for quiet verses and loud, wailing choruses, releases its first album Surfer Rosa to limited US interest but wider acclaim in Europe
This iconic 60s band has its first #1 hit in 22 years with 'Kokomo,' co-written by John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas; it's the band's only #1 hit not written by Brian Wilson
This former member of The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, and Blind Faith follows up his 1986 hit album Back In The High Life with the #1 album Roll With It
~~ 1989 ~~

Perhaps the most talked-about film of the year is Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, which features 'Fight The Power' by this iconic hip-hop group
New wave mainstays The B-52s deliver their first top ten hit about this 'little old place where we can get together'
With songs by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, this Disney film drawn from a Hans Christian Andersen story leads to a renaissance of Disney animated musicals
This dredlocked pop duo comes out of nowhere with the hit album Girl You Know It's True, but it is eventually revealed that they don't actually sing any of their songs
Billy Joel hits #1 with this song featuring rapid-fire allusions to 40 years of history, though Joel himself will later admit he doesn’t think the song is very good
ABC begins using a version of the country hit 'All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight' by Hank Williams, Jr., as the theme song for this perennially popular sports program
This artist's debut album Killin' Time eventually produces five #1 country singles; unusually for the genre, he writes or cowrites every track
This boy band -- Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie, and Danny -- breaks through with Hangin' Tough, which will stay on the album charts for two and a half years
This influential post-punk band led by Robert Smith releases Disintegration, its most commercially successful album; 'Lovesong' reaches the top ten in the US
Leonard Bernstein leads a Christmas performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony in this newly reunited city, changing 'An die Freude' (Ode to Joy) to 'An die Freiheit' (Ode to Freedom)

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