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ADarth Vader
BObi-Wan or Kylo
CHan Solo's best friend
DYoda's home
EHome of the ewoks
FFinn's original 'name'
GJar Jar's species
Hhe's a bad boy and a thug but he still gets the girl
IAn assassin droid that helps hunt han solo
JBoba Fett's father
KDarth Vader trash #1
LHe lives in cloud city
MThey connect living beings to the force
NVader's iconic line to luke in empire strikes back
OTime to kill all the jedi!!!!!!
PLuke and Leia's mother
QObi-wan's mentor
RJabba the Hutt's son
SAnakin HATES this stuff
Talso known as sand people
ULuke's guardian as a child
VAn assassin trained by Count Dooku who appears in the animated clone wars series
WThe ewok that Leia interacts with
XFighter plane used by the rebels
Yiconic jedi master
ZShapeshifter/bounty hunter hired to kill paddle

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