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yearAnswerFun Fact
1927/1928WWI fighter pilots
1928/1929Song and Dance numbers
1929/1930Germans fighting WWI
1930/1931One of a few Westerns to win
1931/1932I WANT to be alone
1932/1933Not yet released on DVD in Region 1
1934Spaceballs without the Star Wars
1935Clark Gable had to shave his mustache
1936The Follies
1937Kill the Traitor Dreyfus
1938Pulitzer winning play
1939I don't give damn
1940Hitchcock's only Best Picture
1941Mining in a small town
1942WWII Propaganda
1943Of all the gin joints in all the world
1944Bing Crosby is a father
1946WWII vets trying to fit in normal life
1947No Jews
1948No Fortinbras, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
1949Willie Stark
1950Nominated for 14 Oscars
1951Partly animated musical numbers
1952Circus Acts
1953Iconic couple making out on the beach while the waves cover them
1954I coulda been a contender
1955Shortest runtime of any Best Picture
1956Jules Verne
yearAnswerFun Fact
1957Obi Wan is in the hot box
1958French Girl
1959Charlton Heston
1960That's the way it crumbles. Cookie wise
1961I feel gay!
1962Peter O'Toole in the desert
1963Not What's new Pussycat
1964Pygmallion or She's All That
1965Nazi musical
1966Heads will roll...or be posted
1967They call me MISTER TIBBS
1968Charles Dickens Musical
1969I'm Walking Here!
1970Ruthless WWII General
1971Lex Luthor hunts a drug lord
1972An offer you can't refuse
1973Heist against the bad guy
1974Keep your friends close...
1975One Flew East, One Flew West
1976He doesn't lose. It's a draw
1977Woody Allen
1978Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken, Robert De Niro in Vietnam
1979Dustin Hoffman becomes a better father
1980Rich people have problems too
1981Running fast
1982Not eating because of the British
1983What a sad, sad ending
1984Who killed that composer
1985Streep has a farm
yearAnswerFun Fact
1986The first casualty of war is innocence
1987China before the communists
1988Dustin Hoffman can count toothpicks
1989Freeman drives Tandy
1990Costner turns Indian
1991I had an old friend for dinner...Get it?
1992**** hire hitmen in the old west
1993Yay Jews!
1994Football, Vietnam, Ping Pong, Shrimp, Running, and AIDS
1996Toward the end of WWII
1997Highest grossing Best Picture
1998A movie about a play but the movie is based on another play
1999Kevin Spacey gets shot by a gay Nazi
2000Maximus! Maximus! Maximus!
2001Who is real? Who isn't?
2002How to get away with murder, starring Queen Latifah
2003Why didn't they use the giant bird to fly over and drop it in
2004Hillary Swank can throw a mean jab
2006The Mob and the police and moles and rats
2007Coen Brothers
2008Game shows and a depressing life
2009Seriously? Avatar lost to this?
2010I can't understand you
2011I can't hear you
2012So did the movie ever get made?
2013Interesting slavery story
2014So...can he fly?

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