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Big boat 
Need this for poker 
A man who doesn't like Blood 
Shoot this in a casino 
IT'S A... 
Take a vacation 
Cut the fat 
Trolley Car 
All nighter before the test 
Type of seafood with a shell 
To wear 
Gary Glitter 
Baseball batters love grand ones 
Noah's son 
Tools live here 
Baseball players love sunflower ones 
and receive 
On the beach 
Dave Matthews 
Good at singing 
Maggie's big bro 
before the horse 
Willy hear's ya. Willy don't... 
Taxi's will charge this 
Blame Mrs. O'Leary 
Words (cont)
I'm in love with her and I feel 
Type of tree 
Of glass 
Not if you're in an asylum 
Not out, but... 
Garage, yard, closing... 
Told on the road to Canterbury 
On the kitchen floor 
Hour, minute, second 
Ballplayer Perez who played with the Mets and White Sox 
Watch your favorite shows later 
Original Jackson 5 member 
Online art collection 
Darth Sidious, for one 
Adam's son 
KISS song 
Place at the track 
[word], you is my woman now 
Pete of the original Beatles 
Ringo keeps the... 
Suckle at the... 
Pork, veal, beef 
A drink with honey 
If you can [word] this, thank a teacher 
The [word] less traveled 
Frog's cousin 

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