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QUIZ: Can you name the Percy Jackson Characters by their Final words?

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'Die, honey'The Lightning Thief
'Ow'Sea of Monsters
'Then I'm ready to see my son...and Perdix, I must tell them how sorry I am'Battle of the Labyrinth
'Ethan.Me.All the unclaimed make sure it doesn' dosen't happen again.'The last Olympian
'Stars,I can see the stars again my lady, stars'Titan's Curse
'Go'The Last Olympian
'Thank you dear satyr.My final blessing.'Battle of the Labyrinth
'ARES!'The Last Olympian
'I don't usually kill girls,but for you mortal I'll make an exception,your eyesight is a little too good'Battle of the Labyrinth
'Too late'The Lightning Thief

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