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First Name HintFamous PersonLast Name Hint
It is open ___ night at the comedy club, but spelled differently; also refers to someone known as 'The Situation'Brand of the famous bean bag animals + with the male child of two parents
This city is know for its opera house, however the second letter is differentShares his surname with Harry Lillis ____ a famous singer and actor, who, if still alive, would be a big fan of Microsoft's new 'decision engine'
This ginger played Richie Cunningham in 'Happy Days', his first name is Ronald, his last name is...Austere; harsh, inexorable are all adjectives
This Seinfeld character was a bit portly and his frugality led to his fianceés deathIn the Old Testament, this was burning after God told Moses to take the take the Israelites to Canaan; found in yards
Famous Mexican-American singer, killed by the president of her fan clubCommon Spanish surname, shares name with famous Bayern München striker
Homer enjoys choking this short, troublemaking adolecent____Trade is a great place to trade and invest in the stock market. I 'can't wait' to try it
Mac OS X v10.4 is called this; LSU's mascot, largest member of the four 'big cats'When you play in Matt Knight Arena (University of Oregon), you get lost in this
You could do this for apples or perhaps play with your new ___bleheadOne might say, Kiera is very _____-ly
Those who believe in Jesus as their savior, drop the second letter, add an 'o' to the endA former president/actor who is deceased, add an 'o' to the end of the name
French for 'the', and a brand of electric shaver, but replace the 'au' with an 'o'A former king of England. Actually a king and would most likely enjoy the waters of Lake Erie
First Name HintFamous PersonLast Name Hint
____ Gang or die; shares a name with the actor who portrays a werewolf in a certain movie seriesRapid, quick, fast; shares a surname with Stromile, a former NBA player
If Mrs. Hunt were to drop the first letter of her first name and added an extra 'l', it would be thisSpanish for 'of' and someone who is quite giving
Abbreviation of Colorado's largest airport + final letter of the alphabet + Spanish for 'the', masculineWhite place of residence, Husky, Olympia, George
Shares name (save for one letter) with a MLB player who plays in Pinellas County in the most Southeastern state in the U.S.Once hyphenated with a last name of a famous Frenchman, who displays his athleticism near to the Alamo
An abbreviated version of a university in Peoria, Illinois, nicknamed the 'Braves', alumni include Patrick O'Bryant and Kirby PuckettA body part that accumulates a great amount of perspiration, but with an extra consonant
FC Porto winger; superhero, whom you don't like when he is aggravatedBen's surname played no part in him being a great golfer
A famous cartoon duck who also has his own orange juiceIf I have a king of spades and you have a 3 of hearts, my card ___s your card
Once proclaimed lyrically that a certain Biblical figure roamed the Earth in this 2004 hitOeste, ouest, ovest. Snoop Dogg loves females from this coastline
This man from Maine helps thousands of people maintain healthy teeth and gums each dayThis 'control' is often located in the steering wheel of many newer vehicles, allows drivers rest their legs
He bit some British kid's finger, and it really hurtThe adopted stage surname of Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estevez. He is now rich and famous, you could say he is 'bi-winning'

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