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Athenian Politician and General (524-459)Elected Archon in 493, built long walls
Athenian General - Early leader of Delian LeagueOstracized in 455 after affair at Ithome
Predecessor of Pericles, assassinated in 461Opponent of Cimon, reformed council in 462
Founded in 477 by AthensTreasury Moved to Athens in 454
Date: Periclean Citizenship LawExcludes Pericles' own children
Dates: Periclean Building ProgramParthenon is built: 447-432
Dates: 30 Years Peace
Athenian General, died of the plagueAge of: 461-429
Revolt by colony of Corinth in 440Defensive alliance with Athens
Date: Famous Funeral Oration
Historian who lived from 460-395Fought in Peloponnesian war, Exiled from Athens in 424
Date: Megarian DecreeSponsored by Pericles
Date: Plague at AthensKilled Approx. 50k Athenians, including Pericles
428: A polis revolts against AthensCleon calls for death, Diodotus calls for lenience
Spartan KingAgreed on 30 Years Peace with Pericles
425: Spartans taken HostageDemosthenes created Garrisons in Spartan Territory
5th Century Athenian GeneralKilled in Sicilian Expedition
Athenian Aristocrat, described by Thucydides as a warmongererkilled at Amphipolis in 422
Cleon's Spartan counterpartkilled at Amphipolis in 422
Date: Peace of Nicias
4th Century TeachersTaught statesmen and Nobility using Philosophy and Rhetoric
416: Athenian attempt to intimidate Sparta
415-413: Major Athenian LossClaimed lives of Demosthenes, Nicias, and Lamachus
Wealthy young Aristocrat who defected to Sparta in 415
Athens in 411
Sea Battle of 406: Athenian Victory, Athenian Generals still Executed
Final Defeat of Athens in 405Athenians refuse Alcibiades' help
When was Socrates Executed?
395-387: Allied states against Sparta
Installed by Artaxerxes II in 387Puts Ionia under Spartan control, frees all other Poleis
377 Maritime self-defense leagueLasts until 355
371 Theban victory over Sparta
Era from 371-362 led by Epaminondas
Date: Unification of Messenia into Messene
362 Battle: Epaminondas is killed
357-355 War against Athens led by Rhodes and Byzantium
Date: Philip II of Macedon becomes Archon of Thessaly
What Philip joins after becoming Archon of Thessaly
4th Century Athenian Orator who didn't trust Philip II
Argued for Athenian alliance with Philip II
Macedonian Victory over Athens in 338
What Philip II created in 338
Student of Plato, Alexander's tutor founder of Lyceum in 355
Date: Philip II is assassinated, Alexander assumes throne
Alexander's 333 victory in southern Anatolia
Date: founding of Alexandria
331 battle that marked the fall of the Persian Empire
Persian King killed by Bessus in 330
Date: Mutiny at Opis
326 battle in India Elephants!
Date: Alexander dies in Babylon
Egypt after Alexander's deathLasts almost 300 years
Eastern Expanse of Macedonian Empire after Alexander's Death

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