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Can you name the titles with colours in them?

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______ Dahlia (Yes I Know Its A Shade...) 
______ Magnolia(s) 
______ Sky 
______ Steel 
Bruce Willis in ______ 
The ______ Mile 
______ Lantern 
______ Hornet 
______ Man 
Austin Powers in: ______ Member 
T.V Show
______ Steel 
______ Green 
Judge Joe ______ 
Max ______ 
______ Panther 
______ Teen Hunger Force 
______ Chef 
______ Gloom 
The _______ Skeleton 
______ Lantern: The Animated Series 
______ Stallion 
Clifford The Big ______ Dog 
Detective Jim ______ 
Steve's Dog Named ______ (Clues) 
Sunny, Klaus and ______ 
Charlie Harper's Ex ______ 
Spiderman Villian ______ Goblin 
______ Sue From Christmas Vacation 
Serius _______ 
______ Surfer 
Snow _______ 
______ Skull 
______ Jack Shellac 
______ said 'So what I'm still a rockstar!' 
Simply ______ 
______ Floyd 
The ______ Stripes 
______ Sun Pickups 
______ Jumpsuit Apparatus 
Plain ______ Tees 
Attack In ______ 
______ Man Group 
______ Sabbath 
______ Hot Chilli Peppers 
______ Day 
The _______ Beatles 

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