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Can you name the names of the cast on the movie Hoosiers?

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Forced Order
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CoachYou got pigeon s--- in your eye?
Town DrunkWe're gonna run the picket fence at 'em.
TeacherI know men like you...
AssistantDoc says my pumps goin' bad on me
SwindlerI told ya once we got rid of him!!
Assistant #2Boys, this man's got a job to do.
PlayerI ain't no gizzard.
PlayerI got 'em a good one, didn't I coach?
PlayerHe was dentyne.
PlayerCoach, what you're doing with my dad...
PlayerWe only got 64 boys in the whole school.
PlayerI'm too short. I'm not no good.
PlayerIt's the Lord, I can feel his strength.
PlayerI'll make it.

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