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Forced Order
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A man with a mesmerizing voice/ He left the order by choice/ In a spire in the sand/ Cut off Anakin's hand/ in their next meeting he could not rejoice
A fiendish jew stereotype/ His shelves he made Anakin wipe/ But he made a bad gamble/ Now his shop is in shambles/ And he woud be one to gripe
You could say he's made by a mechanic/ But his eyes still look so organic/ With Obi Wan he faced off/ Couldn't fix that bad cough/ In the Clone Wars he caused widespread panic
Flew an X-wing above Yavin and Endor/ Twas the Rebellion he fought for/ A leader in Rogue Squadron/ Took down AT-ATs with caution/ A hero of the Galactic Civil War
Manipulative to the last/ He built an empire vast/ The republic he swindled/ And his youthful looks dwindled/ In the end down a shaft he was cast
Whether he shot first or not/ It was he in the end who was shot/ Til that hole in the gut/ worked for Jabba the Hutt/ But in Mos Eisley he was left to rot
Matriarch of the Rebel Alliance/ The Empire rued her defiance/ Pushed for Chancellor's power to fray/ With friends Bail and Padme/ Final victory is due to her reliance
His profession is to race/ In the ranks no one gives him chase/ Then a human boy came/ Put his career to shame/ And wiped that wicked grin off his face
His species can be gray, black or brown/ He found Leia just lying around/ He's not big or strong/ Eating people is wrong/ But his people took the Empire down
Reminiscent of Jesus's mom/ In danger she remains calm/ Then her son went away,/ came back on her death day/ And she died in his arms with aplomb
Takes orders from only one person/ But stepped up when the situation worsened/ Some say he shot first/ In self defense at worst/ But a looker he is for certain
For a Jedi his hair is quite long/ About training the boy he was wrong/ Didn't come to free slaves/ But Ani's freedom he gave/ With the council never got along
On the surface he was not the safest/ but underwater was no oasis/ Since a life debt he owed/ With the Jedi he rode/ Though some say his portrayal is racist
While later in life he's a villain/ He starts out on Tatooine chillin'/ He destroyed Alderaan/ So now it's all gone/ For those wounds he could use penicillin
This one is prone to complaining/ Being with him for long can be straining/ Made from parts in the sand/ Now his role is quite grand/ Only part of his memory's remaining
With less than 20 min of screen time/ This armored man is paid for crime/ He has countless twins/ but now has paid for his sins/ Unless out of that pit he can climb
We can't understand when he talks/ And he can't like a bipedal walk/ But he's incredibly useful/ Computer skills crucial/ Tried to hide from jawas among rocks
He started out a petty raider/ Now he's baron administrator/ He thinks he's so smooth/ Giving Leia his moves/ But betrayed his old friend to Darth Vader
He popularized anastrophe/ but could not foresee catastrophe/ But once Luke and R2 came/ not a person could claim/ that his skills with the force did atrophy
Once so desperate to flee his home/ That homestead with the white sandy dome/ Now he pilots and flies/ Blows up TIEs in the skies/ The new hope has made himself known
Looks like he belongs in the water/ His fleet saved the rebels from slaughter/ Death Star II he helped zap/ He said 'It's a Trap!'/ At his command you're no bantha fodder
Was sent off to train as a lad/ Could be why he chose to go bad/ He took off his black mask/ when his estranged father asked/ but he's still not as strong as grandad
Head of the Trade Federation/ Pretty bad at negotiations/ Eyes were large and red/ Three-pronged hat on his head/ Vader slew him in a lava drenched station
When we meet him he's in quite a bind/ a good pilot he needed to find/ broke free from his training/ (his loyalties changing)/ his new friend he could not leave behind
Is his skin just like that or painted?/ The Theed Palace hangar he tainted/ For years he was hidden/ His powers forbidden/ But with death he became acquainted
At a glance he may look pretty scary/ Cuz he's so strong and loud and hairy/ Let him win at chess/ Or you'll be in quite a mess/ All stormtroopers should be wary
Like his father, a moisture farmer/ By middle age he was no charmer/ He bought droids from the jawas/ who made sounds like chihuahuas/ Could have used some fire-proof armor
Officer with stern jowls/ Leia declared his stench to be foul/ For all the power he was havin'/ His life ended over Yavin/ When the Rebels obliterated that scowl
He once killed a Jedi master/ He's scarily good with that blaster/ Left his son all alone/ Who is really his clone/ Wished he could have shot Mace Windu faster
Began on a diplomatic mission/ but Vader still had his suspicion/ Lying got her imprisoned/ But the rebels had risen/ She commanded with fierce disposition
His master he did often question/ And couldn't stop his padawan's transgression/ With the force he was tricky/ He aged very quickly/ And does a good sand person impression
Has a castle on a beautiful lake/ and a lightsaber as a keepsake/ You'd think for an iota/ she's some sweet aunt of Yoda's/ after her scene, the force was awake
To the council he has much devotion/ Powerful, he shows little emotion/ Tall, dark and bald/ With the Chancellor he brawled/ Really? Who left the window open?
He faces danger nearly fearless/ He keeps all of the troops in high spirits/ He's quick with a quip/ and can fly any ship/ that's why in Leia's trust, he's the dearest
He has a cruel sense of humor/ and will threaten smugglers based on rumor/ He was too slow to flee/ His death in the Dune Sea/ Cuz really he's shaped like a tumor
She was left with no dad and no mum/ had no choice but be 'scavenger scum'/ saved a droid one hot day/ and got carried away/ one day we'll find out where she's from
Assassins she has reason to dread/ Wears ornate outfits to bed/ Started a career real young/ Yet to a bad marraige clung/ No medical reason why she's dead

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