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Forced Order
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Left all alone picking up trash/ In his fort our hero keeps an odd stash/ But he snuck into space/ And met the human race/ when a plant made his 'girlfriend' act rash
In a jungle this hunt takes place/A strange creature gives Delta team chase/ When the time seemed proper/ Dutch yelled, “Get to the Chopper!'/ Before seeing his opponent’s face
One reporter almost gets flattened/ When giant robots attack Manhattan/ With a man from her past/ has to fly very fast/ To ensure the world's end doesn't happen
This crew made it to the big screen/ Some would say it’s our episode fifteen/ To find a girl who’s a weapon/ One man’s hired to step in/ New pilot by the final scene
In this Disney animated feature/ Are cosmos with all manner of creature/ Young Jim takes to the skies/ For a planet-sized prize/ And winds up with a pirate for a teacher
An adopted son feels incomplete/ When with his brother he cannot compete/ To New York finds a route/ With a male prostitute/ A last day with mom he gets to repeat
An orphan brought up by space pirates/ Makes new friends starting a prison riot/ They all end up fleeing/ a celestial being/ And stopping a genocidal tyrant
The ice planet the rebels had chosen/ gets found and they flee in commotion/ One hero gets trained,/ gets his parentage explained/ While another gets betrayed and then frozen
Our unsung’s hero’s a cabbie/ When ancient evil makes the president crabby/ Once a woman’s resurrected/ and an opera’s effected/ He proves that he’s not too shabby
A young man's in a bloody business/ An old man appears from a distance/ Turns out they're the same guy/ Now the young one must try/ to stop the future he begins to witness
One programmer's invited to stay/ with his boss many miles away/ he was chosen for a test/ and at first tries his best/ but one robot causes trust to decay
The last earth man reads Don't Panic/ He's saved by the president, who's manic/ There's this women he knew/ And his friend from Betelgeuse/ and one robot who hates all the antics
On the way home from a long commute/ A ship’s crew had to change their route/ Found an unwelcome guest/ inside one crewman’s chest/ And an android Science Officer to boot
Some people were once in a show/ on TV a long time ago/ then they're wrongfully taken;/ aliens are mistaken/ for thinking they're actually pros
A space crew gets a real taste/ Of the world once mankind’s been displaced/ But where did they land?/ Who knows? There’s just sand/ Until a statue protrudes from the waste
One cop’s in a special division/ Where murders his team can envision/ He fills up with fear/ (His own name’s on the sphere)/ And must take on a life-changing mission
A strange, muscled man with a gun/ is programmed to get one job done/ Tracks his target for days/ but then dies in a blaze/ He's really afraid of the son
Starfleet has legitimate fears/ When a mysterious radical appears/ But who saves the day?/ A youth once astray/ And a commander with pointy ears
As a child he witnessed a crime/ Then got sent back to the wrong time/ He tries to get the scoop/ on a small, secret group/ Only problem? He's losing his mind
One man faces discrimination/ Cuz his gene combo's nature’s creation/ With an identity swap/ He throws off the head cop/ But not his brother's investigation
To their visitors the humans were rude/ Had reduced them to eating cat food/ A man meets alien dad/ learns that they aren't that bad/ But turn into one? He was not in the mood
Trapped where he’s never been prior/ his undoing this teen helps inspire/ A lightning bolt gets him power/ Strapped to the clock tower/ He gets home in a car that’s on fire
One man doesn't have to go far/ in this cult sci-fi neo-noir/ to track down robot imposers/ But weird feelings he fosters/ When he can't judge who his enemies are
One couple’s career gains new meaning/When they’re invited on an expert screening/ Whoops; down goes the fence /but they spared no expense/ One attraction sends jeeps careening
Our title character gets marooned/ Must figure out from Earth how to commune/ With a kid forms a bond/ Gets help to correspond/ Now he’s dying; they better come soon
A soldier who’d never walk again/ Got a new body near a floating glen/ When he failed the Home Tree/ And foresaw a killing spree/ He rallied to stop the greedy men
A hacker learns a terrifying duality:/ That his life was separate from reality/ But he picks up kung fu/ and slow motion too/ When some rebels show him hospitality

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