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Forced Order
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A psychological anomaly/ He deals with Frodo rather calmly/ But behind master’s back/ Gives Sam plenty of flack/ And they both came to rue his dishonesty
Got dad's love for being first born/ Couldn’t do any good with his horn/ When he tried he met Lurtz/ Now his chest really hurts/ And his father will truly mourn
Had a proclivity for magic rings/ But wreaked havoc with the damn things/ One could say he did die/ But lived on as an eye/ Made minions out of nine kings
Part of a pair with Pippin/ This hobbit to Frodo is kin/ While his stature is slight/ He still wanted to fight/ So Eowyn assuaged his chagrin
He began as a lone ranger/ But protected the hobbits from danger/ Once revealed himself/ Fell in love with an elf/ Now in Gondor he’s no stranger
Commanded armies of the Free Peoples/ Formed the fellowship to defeat such evil/ Gave Frodo safe haven/ When a wound he was sustainin'/ Would have been better to give them eagles
Gandalf found him under a spell/ But cast it off; Grima as well/ Even in his right mind/ they were disappointed to find/ in Helm’s Deep he decided to dwell
Sat with Gandalf on a grand committee/ Could have had the ring, but was too witty/ Bestowed Eärendil's light/ But gave Frodo a fright/ While he stayed in her wooded city
Rules Gondor on the king’s behalf/ Try and oust him? he would not laugh/ From Pip would not learn/ And decided to burn/ Not before getting hit with a staff
Aragorn’s line he helped sire/ Elrond said 'cast the ring into fire!'/ But he kept it instead/ And he ended up dead/ Down the river; no funeral pyre
He moves and he talks very slowly/ Often confuses lifeforms more lowly/ He may look like a tree/ But sounds quite like Gimli/In the end wrecked Isengard wholly
About the ring made the connection/ Rued the White Wizard’s defection/ Got dragged into a pit/ And we thought, ‘well, that’s it'/ Knows a thing about resurrection
Craftily plotting in his tower/ He made a deal with great evil for power/ Made a mighty forge/ But the Ents were its scourge/ Then his situation really turned sour
He often acts like a kook/ Thus gets called a fool of a Took/ Caused a body to fall/ And stole a crystal ball/ (Two acts Gandalf was sure to rebuke)
A valuable friend and gardener/ And a damn good travel partner/ First wary of Strider/ Now has fought a big spider/ Gollum made his life a lot harder
Over the lands he could fly/ On a shrieking fell beast in the sky/ Learned not to make women mad/ Even so armor clad/ On Pelennor Fields he did die
As a warrior was mostly ignored/ Until, disguised, she rode off with the horde/ While it was not her goal/ To exploit a loophole/ She was able to avenge a horse lord
His color scheme's brown and green/ And his eyesight incredibly keen/ That Rohirrim could tell/ He'd die before his sword fell/ Since archery's this guy’s routine
Only hobbit of his generation/ To explore Middle Earth's creation/ Met a dragon, (so brave!)/ Stole the ring in a cave/ Before taking a final vacation
From his uncle back in Bag End/ got a quest he did not intend/ Had to carry the load/ Said “Get off the road!'/ His adventure one has to commend
Head of an army that made men sweat/ Aragorn knew with his sword he could get/ him to come out of the mountain/ serve the West by the thousands/ In exchange for forgiving his debt
Tried retaking Osgiliath/ But couldn’t take the Nazrul’s wrath/ When Dad thought he had died/ Nearly got burned alive/ But found a lady in the aftermath
Saved the hobbits from certain slaughter/ When she made horses out of water/ At home she got bored/ So she reforged a sword/ Now can bear the king a son or a daughter
Short legs make it harder to run/ What, no women? Where’s the fun?/ Learned that elves aren’t that weird/ And can pull off that beard/ Said, “That still only counts as one.'

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