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From the Sapphire Isle/ So much sexual tension/ With the kingslayer
Forever friend-zoned/ Dad was killed at Crastor's Keep/ Spy for the Eunuch
Father of sand snakes/ Fluid sexuality/ He knows his poisons
Look out for Needle/ She has gone by many names/ Valar Morghulis
Hodor hodor ho/ dor hodor hodor hodor/ hodor hodor ho
Redhead kissed by fire/ Never seen a real castle/ Has a love for snow
Both brothers are dead/ Kill the masters, free the slaves/ Smothered her husband
She hates one brother/ but is close with the other/ You win or you die
Raised to ride horses/ Long braid with victory bells/ Lived while his son died
Engagement is cruel/ More beautiful than her mom/ Still learning the game
Crueler than his dad/ But not as calculating/ New heir to the North
He betrayed his king/ Harmed by a cruel bastard/ Smells very bad now
Loves wine and women/ Famous Mumford and sons song/ Could be about him
He ditched King Joffrey/ He never got the ransom/ Childhood fear of fire
Lord of Westerlands/ Lost his wife to his last son/ Had a rough last poop
Cherishes slave name/ Commander of the euchuchs/ Checked out Missandei
He broke a promise/ It cost him an entire war/ and his life and mom's
Vices: hunt and wine/ Better warrior than king/ Kind of mean and dumb
Dishonored his cloak/ Killed a wolf guard with handcuffs/ Now he can't wear them
R'hllor is her lord/ Can do some freaky magic/ And sees the future
Master of whispers/ Sorcerer took family jewels/ Has spies everywhere
Followed his uncle /He looks like he's seen a ghost/ Loyal to his oath
Hails from the Eyrie/ Detective skills were too good/ Old friend of Ned Stark
Too fat for real war/ Father made him take the black/ They call him Slayer
Real Baratheon?/ Cannot fight but loves to kill/ Uses a crossbow
Stubborn like a bull/ Sought out by Jon and then Ned/ Raised in Flea Bottom
Missing some digits/ Known by a vegetable/ Lost four of his sons
Cares about the poor/ Object of Queen Regent's hate/ Grandma is real threat
The middle sibling/ Not best husband or father/ Burned the seven Gods
He's a wild one/ Says he made love to a bear/ Great big bushy beard
Far away from home/ Possessive of his sister/ A crown for a king
Fond of the old gods/ Did a bit too much snooping/ Loyal but naive
Killed by her lover/ Laid with more than one lion/ A secret witness
Paramour of queen/ Fights just for beauty and love/ Killed his Second Sons
Started at the Vale/ Fought at Blackwater for coin/ Now got his own lands
Has prophetic dreams/ Stark left at Winterfell/Before it burned down
More tactful than Ned/ Made a deal for her daughters/ But got no return
His digits are small/ Yet his plotting expansive/ Has a step son now
Real good at jousting/ Could have wed lion or wolf/ Like a young Jaime
Can speak many tongues/ Handmaiden to the dragon/ Her age is suspect
He's an old timer/ Didn't get on with Joffrey/ But he found work east
Knows land beyond wall/ Tried to attack some Starks once/ But now she likes them
Once stormed the Dreadfort/ Heir to the seastone chair/ can handle an axe
Carries a baby/ Who's her son and half brother/ saved by the slayer
Most dutiful squire/ **** don't make him pay for sex/ He once killed a man
Cersei's champion/ Most destructive character/ Bad older brother

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