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Can you name the Planets and Moons described?

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The Homeworld of the HuttsExpanded Universe
The Capital of the Infinite EmpireExpanded Universe
The programmed Homeworld of RevanExpanded Universe
Location of Lake Natth, site of several key events of the New Sith WarsExpanded Universe
Freedon Nadd's final resting placeExpanded Universe
The Smuggler's MoonExpanded Universe
Capital of the InterGalactic Banking Clan (IBC)Expanded Universe
Homeworld of Mace WinduExpanded Universe
Sith Capital (Great Galactic War)Expanded Universe
Outer Rim gas giant, Exporter of Tibanna GasMovie Saga/Expanded Universe
Location of the Great Jedi LibraryExpanded Universe
Homeworld of Dessel(Darth Bane)Expanded Universe
Although his tomb lies elsewhere, Naga Sadow's spirit survived his death here.Movie Saga/Expanded Universe
This planet is suspended in a tug of war between Lefrani and JestefadMovie Saga/Expanded Universe
Site of the experiments of Belia Darzu, Birthplace of the Jedi OrderExpanded Universe
Alliance Fleet Rendezvous Point prior to the Battle of EndorMovie Saga (mentioned)/Expanded Universe
The Homeworld of the Trade FederationExpanded Universe
Homeworld of the Sith SpeciesExpanded Universe
Homeworld of the KrathExpanded Universe
Capital of Sith SpaceExpanded Universe
Location of the Trayus AcademyExpanded Universe

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