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Can you name the Star Wars Jedi/Sith?

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The Last of the Lost TwentyMovie Saga
The NegotiatorMovie Saga
The RevanchistExpanded Universe
Hermit on Kashyyyk during the Jedi Civil WarExpanded Universe
Only known Jedi/Sith to have been cut off from the forceExpanded Universe
The Chosen OneMovie Saga
Creator of the Rule of TwoExpanded Universe
Grand Master of the Jedi Order (Clone Wars Era)Movie Saga
Lightsaber Instructor Movie Saga/Expanded Universe
Self-proclaimed King of Onderon, Sith LordExpanded Universe
Leader, Army of LightExpanded Universe
Leader, Brotherhood of DarknessExpanded Universe
Head of the Jedi Council (Clone Wars Era)Movie Saga
Teacher of Revan, companion of the Jedi ExileExpanded Universe
Leader of the clones on Mygeeto, killed in Order 66Movie Saga
Leader of the clones on Cato Neimodia, killed in Order 66Movie Saga
Leader of the clones on Felucia, killed in Order 66Movie Saga
Subject of a tragic Sith legendMovie Saga
Final Apprentice of the Onderonian King, killed his masters both Sith and JediExpanded Universe
Jedi Master of the previous personExpanded Universe
Grand Master of the Jedi Order (post-Sith Wars Era)Expanded Universe
Grand Master of the Jedi Order (New Jedi Order Era)Movie Saga
Lord of PainExpanded Universe
Lord of HungerExpanded Universe
The EmperorMovie Saga
Sword of the JediExpanded Universe
Palpatine's Enforcer/First apprenticeMovie Saga/Expanded Universe
First Jedi to achieve immortalityMovie Saga
The last of Lumiya's SithExpanded Universe
Founded Massassi Temple on Yavin 4, started Great Hyperspace WarExpanded Universe
Resides in a tomb on Koriban, hidden in the Shyack CaveExpanded Universe
Entombed on Korriban, ordered peace between the two previous names during his own funeralExpanded Universe

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