Evil Digimon (Season 1)

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Chronology of VilliansDigimonCause of Demise
First Boss [Champion]Beaten by Angemon
Second Boss [Ultimate]Beaten by MetalGreymon
Third Boss [Ultimate]Beaten by Angewomon
Third Boss (Part 2) [Mega]Beaten by the Crests; WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon
Third Boss' Henchman [Rookie]Eaten by Third Boss (Part 2)
Third Boss Henchman [Ultimate]Beaten by Angemon
First Dark Master [Mega]Beaten by WarGreymon
Chronology of VilliansDigimonCause of Demise
Second Dark Master [Mega]Beaten by MetalGarurumon
Challenger of Second Dark Master [Mega]Beaten by Zudomon & SaberLeomon
Third Dark Master [Mega]Beaten by WarGreymon
Fourth Dark Master Henchman [Ultimate]Beaten by Angewomon
Fourth Dark Master [Mega]Beaten by WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, & MagnaAngemon
Final Boss [Mega]Beaten by the Digivices

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