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SupermanSuperman: Doomsday
Lois LaneSuperman: Doomsday
Lex Luthor Superman: Doomsday
Jimmy OlsenSuperman: Doomsday
Perry WhiteSuperman: Doomsday
Green LanternJustice League: The New Frontier
Martian ManhunterJustice League: The New Frontier
The FlashJustice League: The New Frontier
SupermanJustice League: The New Frontier
Wonder WomanJustice League: The New Frontier
BatmanBatman: Gotham Knight
James GordonBatman: Gotham Knight
Crispus AllenBatman: Gotham Knight
Alfred PennyworthBatman: Gotham Knight
CassandraBatman: Gotham Knight
Wonder WomanWonder Woman
Steve TrevorWonder Woman
AresWonder Woman
HippolytaWonder Woman
HadesWonder Woman
Hal JordanGreen Lantern: First Flight
SinestroGreen Lantern: First Flight
Carol FerrisGreen Lantern: First Flight
Kanjar RoGreen Lantern: First Flight
KilowogGreen Lantern: First Flight
SupermanSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies
BatmanSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies
Lex LuthorSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies
Power GirlSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies
MetalloSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies
SupermanJustice League: Crisis on Two Earths
BatmanJustice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Wonder WomanJustice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Lex LuthorJustice League: Crisis on Two Earths
OwlmanJustice League: Crisis on Two Earths
BatmanBatman: Under the Red Hood
Red HoodBatman: Under the Red Hood
NightwingBatman: Under the Red Hood
JokerBatman: Under the Red Hood
Ra's al GhulBatman: Under the Red Hood
SupermanSuperman/Batman: Apocalypse
BatmanSuperman/Batman: Apocalypse
Wonder WomanSuperman/Batman: Apocalypse
SupergirlSuperman/Batman: Apocalypse
DarkseidSuperman/Batman: Apocalypse
SupermanAll-Star Superman
Lois LaneAll-Star Superman
Lex LuthorAll-Star Superman
Perry WhiteAll-Star Superman
Nasthalthia LuthorAll-Star Superman
Hal JordanGreen Lantern: Emerald Knights
Arisia RrabGreen Lantern: Emerald Knights
SinestroGreen Lantern: Emerald Knights
KilowogGreen Lantern: Emerald Knights
Abin SurGreen Lantern: Emerald Knights
BatmanBatman: Year One
James GordonBatman: Year One
CatwomanBatman: Year One
Sarah EssenBatman: Year One
Carmine FalconeBatman: Year One
SupermanJustice League: Doom
BatmanJustice League: Doom
Wonder WomanJustice League: Doom
The FlashJustice League: Doom
Martian ManhunterJustice League: Doom
SupermanSuperman vs. The Elite
Lois LaneSuperman vs. The Elite
Manchester BlackSuperman vs. The Elite
Jimmy OlsenSuperman vs. The Elite

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