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Can you name the The New Deal Programs and Acts?

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Program PurposeProgram NameProgram Acronym
This act legalized the sale of low alcoholic beverages and taxed them for revenue.
Led by Hopkins, this program’s purpose was to give jobs on projects to improve infrastructure.
This act allowed farmers to suspend foreclosure and repossession for 3 years.
This program provided work for Americans between the ages of 16 to 24. It was a sect of the WPA.
This act created the NRA.
This program provided small loans to improve houses or to create new ones.
This program was created to provide jobs on large industrial projects; it gave over $4 billions dollars to improve infrastructure.
This program provided unemployment payment, and payment to retired workers using money collected form payroll tax.
This act set up minimum wage and maximum work hours; it also created child labor laws for Industries involved in Interstate Commerce.
This program allocated millions of dollars to aid farmers in paying their mortgages. (Later ruled unconstitutional)
This program was created by Sen. George Norris to build dams in the Tennessee River.
This act required the treasury to purchase silver in large quantaties.
This program established industry and labor regulations to encourage the growth of American industry.
This act was created to replace the AAA; it paid farmers to plant soil-conserving crops or leave their land fallow.
Program PurposeProgram NameProgram Acronym
This act regulated the stock market and prevented insider trading.
This act encouraged Indians to create their own governments and to revive their traditions; it also stopped the loss of Indian land.
This program was a branch of FERA, and gave temporary jobs to during the winter.
This program removed political patronage from government jobs and blocked office holders from using their power for partisan ends.
This program gave money to local and state relief agencies.
This program employed young men to do public works.
This program administered social security, federal education funding, and food and drug safety until it was disbanded.
This program encouraged farmers to join cooperatives to bring electricity to farms.
This act gave the president the power to regulate banking, foreign transactions and to reopen healthy banks
The Glass–Steagall Act created this corporation.
This act was designed to increase American exports by agreeing to lower the rates of the Hawley-Smoot Tariff if the other country involved agreed to lower their tariff.
This program provided large loans to states to create housing units for low-income people.
This program was created to refinance mortgages on non-farm houses and bailout mortgage holding banks.
This act created the National Labor Relations Board.

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