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This person is a master of none
School of Rock actor
AKA a pancake
21 wins it
He's been fighting terrorists of Fox for 8 seasons
He's a really great, really old golfer
A little ditty John Mellencamp wrote about these two
The serial killer of the Whitechapel disctrict in London
This really old actor never misses a Laker game
These two went up the hill to fetch a pale water
He's been putting away criminals for years on Law and Order
This one sat in a corner eating a pie
Caramel-coated popcorn and peanut snack
This type of dog was played by a father and son on Frasier
A manufacturer of men's apparel's, complement to Kate
An American comic book artist
Beat poet and novelist
This city slicker did one-armed push ups at the 64th Annual Acamdemy Awards
A popular Tom Clancy crime-fighting character
A 1986 Whoopi Goldberg movie, or a Rolling Stone song
For some reason it's a nickname for John

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