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Can you name the cursed objects from Friday the 13th the Series?

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Forced Order
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Improves one of the 5 senses
Comes in flat screen, LCD and HD
This filter pump acts as a vacuum
What you need to listen to music while driving
Some people with handicaps use this to get around
It's also a San Diego based fast food chain and a children's wind-up toy
Popular 80s R&B band with hits like Candy and Word Up
Put your dog on one
The Wicked one from the West and something you climb up to reach stuff
Knife with a short blade
Used to play pool with
Apparel worn by the Japanese fighting in WWII
These can Lucky for breakfast
The Mona Lisa or The Scream
A cast to help with having children
A cool piece of film memorabilia
When shaken, these small orbs give a wintery scene
Children somtimes have one in the backyard
A stick with weight attached or Christmas ball
Steven Spielberg would be just another guy without this
First name of Leghorn
Marvel or DC mag
The Queen asked this who is the fairest of them all
Dracula may have worn one of these to take flight
Method of execution by the state
Movie starring Eric Stoltz
Old school time piece
Take pictures with this
The Green DC hero
An old-school Kleenex
Home to insects that make honey
Doctors use this for injections
Writing instrument with a feather
Worn on hands to keep them warm
You enjoy your Earl Grey in one of these
You can put that in this and smoke it
A good place to store your jams and jellies
Cops wear these
Women put their lipstick, mascara, etc. in this
A floral decoration worn by men
The Cubs haven't worn one of these since 1908
Shake, __________, and Roll
When you wind this up it plays a beautiful tune
A place for a baby to sleep
What would've killed the guy in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka if he were allergic to gold
A portable mirror women use to check their makeup
Heads or tails?
A piece of pottery used by that Greek character with the crazy worm hair
Ironically, this object is supposed to protect people from trouble
Steve Buscemi got rid of his partner's remains in Fargo using this machine
Mike Tyson or Sugar Ray Leonard would've worn these
Your grandma probably called these cubbards
Fictional archer comes out during Valentine's
Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee is clearly not afraid of these
You need this to enjoy Earl Grey with friends
Doctors are always asking nurses to pass them this
Water-based writing instrument
Comes in baby, Barbie and house forms
This spy had adventures with Mrs. King
This devise transfered intelligence from one person to another
See No. 4, just without the vehicle
Do you know How to Make an American one?
String instrument
Symbol of Catholicism
Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil
Final resting place, often lined with silk

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